Featured School of the Week of April 9, 2007: Connecticut Healing Institute

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Situated among natural settings in Middlefield, Connecticut Healing Institute (CHI) introduces students to fascinating healing arts in the fields of energy healing, family constellations, and hypnotherapy.  In addition, the school provides continuing education (CE) for massage therapists and nurses. 

Connecticut Healing Institute's intriguing energy healing certification program is comprised of two years of training (spread over five weekends per year) in energy healing,Guest Posting bioenergetics, and anatomy, healing with oils, shamanic journeys and Qigong.

The energy healing class is centered on unique teachings of Barbara Ann Brennan, which involve freeing blocks in the energy field and opening the chakras to restore balance.

As an option, students are welcomed back for an additional third year where they will go on an initial retreat to a foreign country as part of the learning experience, and will gain additional knowledge in Gestalt therapy and family constellations.

Barry Gordon, Founder and Healing Director of Connecticut Healing Institute, explains why energy healing might be right for prospective students: "It's a wonderful way to spend your day and make contact with people to make real connections...it is the impact you have on people's lives. People give you feedback about what's changed in their lives, their health and emotional state...and it's rewarding. Energy healing always makes a difference."

Part of Connecticut Healing Institute's unique curriculum involves bioenergetics, a healing modality facilitated to bridge the energy field, emotions and physical body; and Qigong, an ancient Chinese healing art designed to promote health and well-being.

While some might think that Connecticut Healing Institute's energy healing program is simple, it requires a fair amount of commitment – in addition to two years of training, students are required to complete eight energy healing sessions and a case study to fulfill the course.

Connecticut Healing Institute also provides a hypnotherapy certificate program that is taught over a period of two weekends.

Curriculum in this course of study includes basic inductions, behavior and habit change, post-hypnotic suggestion, self-hypnosis, and trance termination. What sets this program apart from other courses, says Gordon, "is that we include past life regression in our hypnotherapy program...something other courses don't cover." According to Gordon, knowing the differences between hypnosis and hypnotherapy is key. "Hypnotherapy is therapeutic help in healing processes." 

In addition, Connecticut Healing Institute's "family constellations program" is a transformational method developed by Bert Hellinger, which has the potential to help families to discover recessed family dynamics, says Gordon. The program is designed to help families to overcome traumas and other misfortunate events, and learn to live in more harmonized, freer, and loving ways.

Interested students will find that Connecticut Healing Institute offers customized financial options, says Gordon, "We recommend students meet with us first to determine if energy healing or hypnosis is something they'd like to pursue.

What separates us from other programs is that we are committed to limiting courses to 16 students per class to give individualized instruction."

HolisticJunction.com recognizes Connecticut Healing Institute and applauds its quality standards in being an educational pioneer in holistic healing.

If you would like more information about this innovative healing arts school, please visit Connecticut Healing Institute today.

Featured School of the Week:

Connecticut Healing Institute

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