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Most of us suffer daily torments and continue working without making a desirable break. We think that way we will finish the work faster. However it is not that easy as it may seem. So, what do I have to suggest? If your job suggests active mental work, you are to…

The premise that work had made a man of out an animal is quite popular in the society. Indeed,Guest Posting people need to work not only to earn money but to be busy with some activity and perform function in the society. Besides, work gives a way for personal self-actualization, which is indispensable for feeling good and satisfied. However, too much work as everything in extreme can be harmful. How can that be explained and what can be done about this problem?

The matter is that extensive working can be damaging for one’s health, mental and physical. Continuous work of the same kind (even with some minor changes) is tiresome. You are used to performing it and your brain needs some fresh ‘pictures’ of routine life or at least some rest. A good rest will provide your body and soul with relaxation, even if the rest is active. Actually, active rest is essential in order to forget about daily worries, on the one hand, and on the other, to not get too lazy or too relaxed. That is why when you go hiking for a weekend, you get back full of emotions although a bit tired. So, you may ask, then why rest, if it brings tiredness as work does? And here an important distinction comes out. Tiredness may be functional and motivating. If you are tired after some nice sport activity you get sleep soon and feel really comfortable. But if you are tired of essay editing that is lasting for several hours, you may even get a headache and feel totally exhausted and at the same time it will take quite some time to fall asleep. Besides active rest at weekends you should make pauses during your day at work. This rest may be not that active but bringing energy to you. For example, you should leave all your thoughts and listen to your favorite piece of music for 15 minutes. The most important thing here is to leave mentally your office and forget about your duties for that time. Most people perform quite monotonous work and repeat it from day to day, not everyone is lucky to do some freelance writing jobs, which presupposes independence from work schedule etc. However even such job may bring frustration eventually. It is proved that a person needs to change job at least each 5-7 years, because that’s the period enough for achieving certain results at your work but for this time your work may turn into torture for you and even cause extreme tiredness, also known as http://www.hmc.psu.edu/hematology/homeguide/fatigue.htm. Scientists research a lot on this issue and publish their results in order to keep people from fatigue.

You may help yourself and prevent yourself from being abnormally tired, from losing interest in what you are doing. Just never forget to change a bit your activities and develop new options for yourself. As the saying goes, “Minds are like parachutes. They only function when opened”. So, do not be afraid to open your mind to something new and do not forget to take some rest.

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