How can Working individuals study for IAS and particularly CSE

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 This blog tells out which way of preparation of IAS is best for working individuals. 

IAS is sure an exam to be reckoned with but not an insurmountable target. The reasons for this exam consider being a tough brass is the level and vastness of studies one has to occupy oneself into it. Like every exam,Guest Posting this exam has too a rhythm and it purely goes off to your plan of study.

Not an impossible task said so correctly by a number of best IAS coaching in Chandigarh, the uniqueness of this exam is that it challenges your knowledge on too many frontiers.

Now the main topic we are going to shed light on preparing for IAS/UPSC while working on a full-time basis. The game plan for the above is contrastingly different as compared to preparing for IAS without a job. For instance, a student can almost devote 12 hours of its daily life for IAS or CSE studies whereas a full time employed person can only put 3-4 hours a day and more importantly the working class cannot be as consistent as the other ones.

The question remains that how can you sweat it out without working kidding, how you prepare UPSC alongside a job. 

Here are the tips and tricks for working individuals to prepare for the IAS

From the obvious looks that the working persons don’t get time as usual students get to study. It’s pretty much the 9-5 job and individuals don’t have much time remained after that. So your first tip will be having the advantage of these little breaks you get the top put you into the use

  1. For instance, during lunch break start e-learning by reading on smartphones, tablets, going for newspapers and magazines
  2. The above readings do not have to be serious instead keep a light-headed reading as it is also not possible to study in the office environment
  3. Also interchanging the study pattern at office breaks by switching it off with 3 to 5 questions

As already mentioned in the first paragraph, the UPSC covers a vast syllable and trying to read/grasp it out all is impossible for working professionals. Instead, go for a smarter way, study selectively and most important assiduously.

  • Prioritize your syllabus, pick-up the most significant topics and subjects that are most likely to come in the exam
  • Prepare accordingly and in what else time study the remains

Selective preparation/study is the best option for working professionals as the first thing they obviously lack the time and secondly, there can be topics that need more attention than usual, so take your time with such topics and if after proper endeavor you will not be able to grasp it then move on.

The CSE syllabus is not only hard on working professionals but even it is a hard shell to crack it for full-time IAS aspirants that’s why selective study is the only feasible option attached to working professionals.


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