How different is human learning from animals and its consequence?

Dec 23




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The reason for why man cold not get along well with nature is due to his education and that alone cause.......


Why man alone could not live in harmony with nature whereas all other animals could well synchronizes their life and lives perfectly in consonance with nature.   Why men alone behave so differently with nature?

The reason goes down to the method of education of man.   Man learns less through his observations and learns more through experimentation or experiments.   Learning has two important components viz.,How different is human learning from animals and its consequence? Articles observational learning and experimental/interventional learning. 

If we look at the animal world as a whole, the large proportion of their learning comes from observation.   All the animals observe other members of their respective social groups and learn or acquire different traits / talents. 

Animals do experiments, but they experiment only their learning or knowledge and never do any experiments just for the sake of acquiring any learning or knowledge.  The smart and successful hunting ability of lion or tiger is not just an inherited trait or by default it comes with them by birth.  So is the case with nest building ability or tree climbing ability of some animals as such smartness is not an inborn character although such tendency or ability they may have.   

Every hunting success needs smart thinking, planning and execution excellence.  Although the elementary learning/knowledge may have come through observation, but only through experimenting such learning, they could become perfect hunters.   Observational learning always make one to become very sensitive & sentimental, kind & compassionate and foresight full & wise about his or her ecosystem and nature at large.  On the contrary, the experimental/interventional studies would produce largely greed & destruction, dissection & disagreement and dissatisfactions & obsession about oneself and his/her knowledge acquisition pursuit.      

None of the animal will ever attempt to experiment with nature to learn more except man.  Animals observe the nature and have their complete learning but man experiment and intervene in the very functioning and organization of nature.  Is it wrong to amass such knowledge?  The question is not about amassing knowledge and belittling the importance of such knowledge but are we sensitive about our ecosystem and the very nature while building a repertoire of knowledge system around us?

When we focus too much on the usefulness or utility value of our learning than the cost at which we are acquiring such knowledge, we will naturally create a gap in our knowledge system.  Our need and greed will easily occupy or conquer the space and start dictating us.  This is what the state of humanity at present.   This why human beings alone could not gel with nature, whereas all other life forms could live perfectly in harmony with nature.