How international students can work and study in Australia?

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When it comes to work and study together,Guest Posting Australia is the best destination for international students. The overseas students can work up to 20 hours per week while still attending the regular classes. But during holidays or vacation, they can work for an unlimited number of hours. The foreign students can arrive 90 days prior to the starting of their courses. However, they are not allowed to work till their classes begin.

One must also take a note that international students are working more than the allowed or permitted amount of time, may find their student visa cancelled. Even the family members who accompany with their children can also work for 20 hours per week. But they do not have the right to work for unlimited period even during holidays. Again, the family members of the students who are obtaining master degrees or graduate degrees can work for unrestricted hours and they can do so till the start of the courses. Aspirants who want to study and work can find Australia as the best choice. There is a plenty of scope for work and study in Australia. Part-time or full-time jobs are always available that can be found in retail, tourism, banking, hospitality, administrative, clerical areas, etc.

Cost for study in Australia

The cost for study in Australia may vary from institutions to institutions and from one course to another. When it comes to studying in abroad, many factors can determine your cost of education. Types of accommodation, location, institution and courses may have a different cost. For instance, accommodation in urban areas will be costlier than the one in the countryside. Cities have a different standard of living, and hence, it may affect or determine the cost. However, study in Australia cost can never be an issue to overseas students since most of them can work part time that can help them to cover their expenses to some extent.

Wide range of courses and institutions in Australia for international students

Australia is always considered as a paradise for quality education. A large number of international students prefer it. They have valid reasons that pull them to study there. First, the country’s educational department has wide range of courses presenting plenty of choices. The department of education has 22,000 courses and 11,00 educational institutions. Different international students preferring and looking for their favourite courses or subjects can find. It attracts them. Besides, the “Land of Kangaroos” has top listed universities that are perfectly spread in leading cities.

International students can study their preferred courses in those universities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, etc. However, major courses in Australia for international students from Nepal which attract in large number are accounting, nursing, engineering, management, social science and much more. Right after completing the courses, they can apply for visa extension and can engage into some of the higher programs such as professional year program and IRON for Suitably qualified, internationally-registered nurses.

The job market is full of scope, and skilled overseas students can fill up the shortage of qualified professionals in the country.  

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