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The first thing a feature writer should learn to do is writing in the basic form of a feature article: the Three Point Five Paragraph Paper,Guest Posting 3.5 paper, or the Five-paragraph Essay. It is a type of essay with five paragraphs and three main ideas, or points. The first word, sentence, or paragraph is the introduction or what is referred to as the lead in journalistic lingo; the second, third, and fourth paragraphs is called the body each carries one main idea; and the final word, sentence, or paragraph is the conclusion. A 500-word feature article is a good start, with 100 words in each paragraph.


Writing the Introduction is basically "introducing" your topic. The moment your readers come across your Introduction, they should have a clear idea on what your topic is, but there is one exception. If your purpose in the Introduction is to put them in suspense, then you may delay the main statement of your feature article until the next paragraph or so. It should have a single idea that will smoothly connect to the next paragraph which is the Body. Usually the last sentence of the Introduction carries a connective element that will lead your readers to the next.
 This is like the appetizer, when it comes to eating. It is the first thing to be served which teases the appetite, or prepares the tummy for the next - the main course.


The Body of your feature article is where the strongest points are written. Elaboration also takes place here. This is also the part where you should explain the thought stated in the Introduction especially if there was suspense involved. The Body likewise significantly stretches out the idea laid down in the Introduction. This is also where related materials such as quotations, short stories and the like are written.


The Conclusion, as the term implies, should have a tone of finality, otherwise it will leave your feature article hanging or unfinished therefore leaving your readers dissatisfied and disappointed feeling they have wasted their time reading an article with no sense of the-end. It is just the feeling of having eaten the appetizer, the main course, but without the dessert.

This is where the summarizing goes on, the reechoing, or restating. The Circle Style that is, where the Conclusion's idea simple paraphrases or reemphasizes that of the Introduction. It has this effect of "bouncing back." The main idea here could bring about a fresh idea, yet still connected, one way or another with the whole feature article's topic. This is done when summarizing or restating is not a better option. The decision will be up to you as a feature writer putting into consideration what is better for your piece.
Most often than not, a feature story's conclusion has this dramatic effect subtle enough to avoid cheesiness, and strong enough to successfully extract the intended emotion from the readers.
This Five-paragraph Essay is not the only form of a feature article, of course, but this is the simplest way to start, it is also the easiest.

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