How to immigrate to Australia?

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Australia visa 189 has opened an easy way for immigrants to stay and work forever in this country. This visa ensures that candidates are able to score points and then easily migrate. Now, candidates can easily score points under this immigration based scheme. The scheme applies to all the candidates who are not 50 years old at the time of application.


A candidate needs to submit an Expression of Interest for making application for this visa and then if his candidature is approved; he is sent an invitation to apply (ITA). If he does apply for the Australian citizenship,Guest Posting under this ITA for a period of 60 days after application, he will have to start the entire procedure of application again. The different categories for which a candidate is eligible to score points under this visa class are his occupation and proficiency in the English language. It’s important for any candidate to get his skills assessed for the occupation for which he is willing to work in Australia.

The proficiency levels in English-language are also important and the candidate needs to undertake exams like IELTS/TOEFL/PTE. The applicants are also required to prove their experience levels in a particular profession through pay slips and corresponding letters of employment.

The educational experience of a candidate is also quite helpful to him in securing points under this skilled visa class. For immigrating to Australia, the candidate can score a maximum of 20 points for any doctoral degree. These are the highest number of points which can be given for education gained outside Australia. It's important that your qualifications get assessed by the relevant evaluation authority in this country so that points can be awarded for your education. 15 points can be gained for a bachelor degree earned outside this country, but it should be equivalent to an Australian degree. 15 points are also awarded for a Masters degree but you should also have earned a bachelor degree before it.

To gain immigration under this scheme, a candidate also needs to prove his educational qualification. He needs to provide his certificates of completion from the concerned education provider. It's important for a prospective immigrant to remember that his work experience should be highly related to his skill mentioned his visa application. The skill assessment is only necessary once the work experience is held in the 10 years prior to applying for this visa subclass. The English levels which can make you score a good number of points for language proficiency are superior(20 points) and proficient(10 points).


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