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Why is it said that you should be always curious to learn about new technology?Have a look at this article and figure it out.

The current era is of automation and technical advancements. Almost all the fields have been modified by the technical equipments and developments. Everything has been made easy by the knowledge and arduous work of our techies. Also,Guest Posting technology has made those things possible which were out of imagination of a common man a decade ago. Healthy competition always proves beneficial for an industry and directly affects the performance of the competitors which let the consumers to have the best product and services. So, from healthy competition and innovations we have come across the latest innovations which have been adopted to make modernization a trend.

If technology is offering us so many interesting and valuable inventions, why not use them to the full extent?

The best part is that scientists are spending their precious time in all sphere of life rather than concentrating on a few fields. Be happy at that note.

Therefore, here we will talk about education and the ways to use technology meaningfully in learning and teaching.

  1. AR

The year 2015 can be stated as the ‘Year of Augment Reality.’ Numerous inventions in the field of augment reality and the related tools and resources have been introduced in the year. A bundle of apps empowered with technology popped up in the market in 2015. Schools and the other learning institutes are taking their full advantage and moving towards modernization. For instance, the apps are:

  • AR Flashcards- The app allows the user to know about shapes and colors.
  • Elements 4D- The app has been designed to bring elements to life, it is a chemistry app in which you can plan your lessons of primary, middle as well as high school level.
  • Arloon Geometry: For many, geometry is a nightmare, but, it has been transformed by this app. It structures 3D models of mostly all the geometrical shapes using AR. It is a paid app which is worth to learn the concepts of geometry.
  1. Learning by Video making with iMovie-

Sometimes studying is boring and becomes a tedious work at some point of time. But, in this rat race you must keep on going, so, finding new and unique ways to learn is the Hobson’s choice. Video making brings vast opportunities for the students besides being a fun activity. It is not less than learning while playing. While making videos, you can showcase your abilities and get a lot of information regarding the topic. There are a substantial number of platforms which you can use to make videos, iMovie is a great platform to do so.

  1. Presentation making applications-

Presentations are a fun task to do but for those who show some interest in the work, for others it is not less than a burden. But, technology has shown its magic here as well. Voki, Tellagami and GoAnimate are some of the latest apps which help students as well as teachers to make exciting and unique animated presentations.

  1. Want to learn something new?

Go online-

Distance education has also taken a leap in the current decade. It is being adopted by many students globally, therefore, certain websites and apps are also there to help them in attaining value education. is working in collaboration with to disseminate quality education online. There are various others as well working in the same field.

  1. Go creative online-

Creativity is what everyone cannot master. It is not everyone’s cup of tea; these notations are superannuated now. Internet has transformed the scenario.

Now, you can construct your creative skills and abilities using the super technology. Various apps and tools have been generated for this purpose as well.

Everything is possible now, you just have to have the desire of learning.

  1. Team up with students online-

Got something to ask your teacher after the school hours, but hesitating to call, then, ‘tools for collaboration of students and teachers’ are for you. The list has a vast number of entries, some of them are

  • Mindmeister and
  • Twiddla
  • Padlet
  • Tackk
  • Diigo
  1. Take full advantage of your mobile-

Gone are the days when books were the only source of knowledge and conceptual learning. It is the era of technology as we have been talking about, now you can use your mobile devices in very distinctive ways like never before. Millions of educational tools and applications have been developed for the betterment of masses.

  1. Boost students’ writing skills-

Writing is what which is in acute demand these days. Be it in the form of homework, essay or assignments, one needs to have the skill set to ace in this competitive epoch. If you lack these abilities, do not stress out, there are hundreds of tools and resources over the internet which can help you to generate them.

Education is being integrated with technology and we are looking forward for more and interesting innovations.

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