Learning Spanish For Kids: 5 Tips

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Spanish is the second most common language in the United States. Depending on which state you live in, anywhere from 8% to over 40% of the population speaks Spanish as a primary language. If your kids learn Spanish, they will be better able to communicate with friends, teachers and other members of their community.

Teaching a second language to children really isn’t that difficult if you follow the five easy tips below. If you don’t know Spanish,Guest Posting you and your kids can learn Spanish together. Learn Spanish For Kids Tip #1: Start Young The earlier you start teaching a second language, the more quickly the child will pick up on it. There is thought to be a window of opportunity between the ages of one and twelve when children learn foreign languages almost effortlessly. If you or the child’s caregivers speak Spanish, you can teach Spanish right along with English as the child learns language. Learn Spanish For Kids Tip #2: Make It Fun Kids often come to resent activities they perceive as chores, so make learning Spanish fun. Use songs, for instance, or language CDs made especially for children, or read aloud Spanish bedtime stories at night. Learn Spanish For Kids Tip #3: Teach Useful Phrases First Kids want to know useful things like phrases they can learn in every day conversation, so teach them the words they are most likely to need to know. This can include how to order popular foods, how to ask for and understand directions to common places (e.g., the bathroom), and names for common objects and various parts of the body. Learn Spanish For Kids Tip #4: Set Aside a Special Learning Time Each Day Good times for kids include right after getting up in the morning, before or after meals, or right before bedtime. The lessons don’t need to be long—half an hour of practice is fine. Choose different activities to fill this time so your child doesn’t get bored. For instance, one day you might practice conversational Spanish, the next day you might learn new words, the next day you might listen to Spanish music together, etc. Learn Spanish For Kids Tip #5: Offer More Praise Than Criticism Children want to please their parents and enjoy receiving positive strokes, so offer praise whenever you honestly can. Praise efforts as well as results (For instance, “You did a great job trying to order your meal in Spanish. We’ll practice more, and next time I bet the server will understand every word you say.”) Make criticism constructive (“Let’s repeat that word. You didn’t say it quite right.”) rather than general (“You’re so slow!”). Teaching Spanish to your child should be a fun, bonding experience, not a trial. If you follow these five easy tips, your child should soon be speaking like a native.

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