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Canada is home to more than 1 million Indian residents. Besides, Canada is one of the countries with a large and diverse Indo-Canadian community. Though both countries are similarly large, Canada has less population than India. 

Every year thousands of Indian citizens migrate to Canada. So,Guest Posting what are the causes of the migration of people from India to Canada? In this article, we’ll give you a clear picture of life in Canada vs India.

Canada and India share a similar type of government, democracy, belief, and diversity. If you ask which country promises a better life, the majority of people will prefer Canada.

Below we’ll explain different aspects to compare life in Canada and India. Let’s get started.

Life in Canada vs India

Many Indians feel confused when they compare their life in India with Canada. It is hard to compare both countries as both have good and bad sides. Yet, Canada is ahead in the race if the future is concerned.

Life in Canada is very relaxing for some people as well as too busy for others. There is a lot to explore in Canada, so the living standard is way better than India. Let’s compare them from different sides.

Job Opportunities

One of the main reasons many Indians migrate to Canada is to get a better job life. With a high structured economy, Canada has a countless number of jobs than India. Notably, in cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary, you’ll likely find a job quickly.

What the employers in Canada measures are the qualification and skill. If you want to move to Canada, your Indian job experience will match the right NOC in Canada. Besides, Canada is one of the luckiest that has low unemployment rates but high wages. It's proof that the economy in Canada is developing every day.

Work-Life Balance

Canadian life is a bit laid-back compared to India. It means the Canadian people emphasis on work-life balance. In a few jobs, you'll get enough free time to spend with your family or personal hobbies. For many Indians, work is a priority because of the work structure.

Cultural Diversity

That being said, Indian immigrants get a cultural shock when they first arrive in Canada. It is somewhat true. But, life is Canada is appreciated because of the helpful nature of people. Even if people don’t belong to your community, they are still welcoming and helpful.

However, you’ll find a lot of people from the Indian community here and there. Your fellow Indian friends and people from other countries will help you live a peaceful life. This is the beauty of Canada.

Economical Difference

Canada is way more ahead than India when the economy is a concern. People in Canada can earn 6.7 times more money than India. Canada has a GDP per capita of $48000, while India has only $7200. Also, 21.9% of Indians live below the poverty line, whereas it is 9.4% in Canada. You can see the difference.

Basic Needs

Canada is a country that concentrates on the facilities of its residents. You can access your basic needs like food, electricity, internet, etc. While 79% of the Indian population has access to electricity, 100% Canadian population has access to it.

What Are the Struggling Parts In Canadian Life?

Along with a lot of facilities, Canada also has many things that will make you think twice. The following things can be depressing for some.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Canada is too high than in India. It can be difficult for people to survive with a low income. The price of real estate is crazy in some states, like Toronto, Vancouver, etc. You may live in a luxurious and spacious house but with a high cost. Also, the price of food and other necessary things are high in Canada.

Cost of Education

After real estate, the cost of education in Canada is too high. Public education is absolutely free in Canada, like India. But, the children ages 5 to 16 can avail of the opportunities.

Then, the cost of higher education is too high, especially in public colleges and universities. Unless you are a Canadian citizen, it can be challenging to continue education. 


Some Indian immigrants struggle in their initial days due to incompetence in English or French. If you can adopt these two languages, life becomes easier in Canada. You can easily find a job, make friends, and make yourself capable of every opportunity.

Canadian Climate

Lastly, not to mention one more thing that is Canadian climate. The temperature in Canada is extreme. Like, in Toronto, the temperature can go as low as -30o C in winter. In summer, it can rise as high as 35o C.

Also, winter lasts too long. The Indian immigrant struggles in their initial days. But, the best part is you'll find a heating system at home and office.


Each country is different in its own way. Canada and India are not an exception. You’ve learned various aspects of life in Canada vs India. Let’s ignore the struggling parts and take it as a challenge to overcome.

Indeed, life in Canada is better than India due to its living standard and infrastructure. If you are on the way to a great start, go ahead!

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