Evolution of Vedic Math.

Mar 20




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This article is about the evolution of vedic mathemeatics and it's importance.


Define Vedic Maths?

Vedic Maths is made using two different words including Vedic and Maths where the sense of Vedas is ‘Knowledge’ while Maths means the ‘Science of Calculation‘. It is referred to as Maths obtained from the Vedas.

Shri Bharti Krishna Tirthaji rediscovered Vedic Maths who was India’s famous saint. A book named ‘Vedic Mathematics’ was also written by him at the time he was busy in doing the research where the details about 16 Sutras or word formulas were mentioned. It is helpful in making the mathematics calculation faster and easier as well. It simplifies the entire process of solving the Mathematics calculations. Vedic Maths was much simpler and easier to understand that soon it started getting wider approval all over the world. The students who were preparing for the competitive tests discovered it to be much useful. It is useful in solving numerous math problems within a lesser period; Vedic Maths can be used to cross check the answers as well that assist the students in getting accurate answers.

Vedic Maths is the country’s latest skill that helps the people across the world. The schools proposed their intentions to introduce Vedic Maths as the part of the school curriculum in the schools in and till now,Evolution of Vedic Math. Articles many Indian states have already introduced Vedic Maths as part of the course content in the schools as this method is useful to solve the calculations related to maths effectively, easier.

Origin of Vedic Maths

The Indian religion is a combination of different religions of which the Vedic period was considered as the starting period when Sanskrit was mostly used. In Sanskrit language, the word “Veda” is referred to as the knowledge and these Veda’s are considered as the oldest sacred texts.

The texts of Vedic are divided into different types which include:

  •       Rigveda
  •       Samaveda
  •       Yajurveda
  •       Atharvaveda

The above-mentioned texts together are being referred as the Veda and the calculations related to mathematics which originated in this time are being referred as Calculations related to Vedas. The initial mentioned are the ritual handbooks which were mainly used by the priests in the period of Vedas. Sri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji who was one of the famous researchers who rediscovered Vedic Maths by referring to the scriptures of India for easier and time saving calculations.

How has this Evolved?

India surely has a vast, different and intelligent culture and is world-famous for its offerings, developments in different areas since the past so many decades. Our country offered answers to the problems and with its inventive solutions, India assisted the entire nation in progressing mostly in the science and mathematics sectors.  ‘Zero’ is considered as the biggest achievements since the beginning times of Aryabhatta and besides inventing Zero, our country has also invented the decimal method which is widely considered in almost all the mathematical concepts. Our great astronomers and mathematicians worked harder and set milestones in the past.

While during that time frame only, a divine guru wrote a book in the starting of 20th Century in India. He spends quiet time in the forests located in Southern India and medicates for many years and discovered an extraordinary way to fasten mathematical calculations – mentally. It is believed that it took some assistance from lexicons of old times because when a language is developed and comes in context with other languages, sometimes the meaning of the words changes. Sometimes the words change their meanings while in some cases, their meanings get weakened. The guru studied some old lexicons which include Visva, Amara, etc and by referring to them, he got an understanding among the methodology of mathematical formulae. Shri Bharti Krishna Tirthaji, the famous spiritual guru introduced 16 Sutras or word formulas which make the calculations easier. He believed that the techniques belong to the early scriptures of India called the ‘Vedas’ and therefore it is being referred as ‘Vedic Mathematics’.

Vedic Maths was revived by Shri Bharti Krishna Tirthaji who was the famous scholar in different subjects which include Sanskrit, Maths, History and Philosophy. He considered the ancient texts for several years, and post his careful investigation, he reconstructed many formulae based on the mathematical calculations which got appreciation from people across the globe.

Jagadguru Shankaracharya Tirthaji

Tirthaji also initiated the unique ways with the help of lectures and programs all over the country and he was the first monk that went to the western sides to encourage Vedic Mathematics in all the universities located in the US. He discussed different lectures which were attended by the candidates of the universities and organizations and spoke on the advantages of Vedic Mathematics. Tirthaji also introduced his book ‘Vedic Mathematics ‘in 1957 which got published a few years later. The book got wider recognition and soon became the hot-selling book among the students.

Presently, many books are offered on different online portals and you can easily find many of them on Kindle, Amazon’s e-book store as well in addition to other e-commerce stores as well. Numerous students study Vedic Maths so that they can crack the competitive exams within the limited time period by solving the mathematical calculations verbally. In India, Vedic Maths is also introduced in the earlier media but this concept is gaining wider popularity now in different countries as well.

The Growing Importance of Vedic Math

People’ attention in Vedic maths is growing rapidly and teachers and professors, especially in Maths across the globe look for unique approaches to understand the subject. The IIT students also use Vedic Maths for doing the calculations and they believe that Indian mathematicians like Aryabhatta have a strong role in laying the foundations of algebra in the world. There is no doubt to the fact that Vedic Maths is India’s best gift to the World.