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Hollie Joness PhD

Hollie Joness PhD

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How Writer’s Block Can Damage Your Dissertation Progress

Writing the dissertation requires preparation of the dissertation content and the dissertation writer (yourself).  In order to effectively write your dissertation, OVERCOMING WRITER’S BLOCK AT THE DISSERTATION STAGE Articles you must gather your dissertation ideas together, organize your dissertation ideas and transfer them to paper or the computer. While it sounds like as simple task, taking these steps in writing your dissertation is not as east as it sounds.  When writing the dissertation, there are many places to get “stuck”.  The transition of dissertation ideas to dissertation writing can be a difficult transition.  Many students get stuck at the dissertation writing stage. 

Dissertation writing is a prime place for writer’s block.  Once dissertation-related writer’s block set in, overcoming writer’s block in the dissertation can be difficult without help.  Many students have dissertation writer’s block because they are unable to put their dissertation ideas and thoughts onto paper and they are at a loss when it comes time to write various dissertation sections.  Without help from a dissertation coach, it’s not easy to transfer your dissertation thoughts into words and writing.  Dissertation writing can be overwhelming and like an undoable task.  When students feel overwhelmed by dissertation writing, writer’s block can easily rear its ugly head.  A dissertation coach will provide you with the dissertation writing assistance you need to prevent writer’s block.  A dissertation coach can also give you the strategies you need for overcoming writer’s block.  There are also several steps you can take on your own when overcoming writer’s block in the dissertation.

 How You Can Help Yourself Overcome Writer’s Block: Dissertation-related Strategies

When you are faced with writer’s block, there are several steps you can take to get back on track writing your dissertation.  These dissertation related strategies can help in overcoming writer’s block and make it easier to begin and keep working on your dissertation writing.

Overcoming Writer’s Block in the Dissertation: Use Your Own Style

Try to use your own dissertation writing style.  The writing style you have used as a graduate student has obviously worked in the past—especially if you’ve made it to the dissertation stage.  Go back to your writing style when overcoming writer’s block in the dissertation.  Use your style to organize, read and integrate information into your dissertation writing.  If you are feeling blocked in dissertation writing, use what worked for you in the past.  If you find this overcoming writer’s block strategy difficult to use, get help from adissertation consultant and try the next overcoming writer’s block in the dissertation strategy.  A dissertation coach will help you revive your writing style and get back to the dissertation writing basics!

Overcoming Writer’s Block in the Dissertation: Get Rid of Negative Feeling

In overcoming writer’s block it’s important to get rid of those negative dissertation-related feelings you associate with writing. You must get rid of any negative dissertation-related writing feelings before you sit down to write your dissertation.  If you are feeling tired, angry, anxious, or upset when you sit down to write your dissertation, you will certainly experience writer’s block.  Do something to get rid of those negative dissertation-related emotions before you begin writing the dissertation.  A dissertation coach can teach you how to let go of those negative emotions so you can begin writing the dissertation.  One overcoming writer’s block strategy you might try is to write in a dissertation journal before starting your dissertation writing task.  This way you can dump all your negative dissertation thoughts and dissertation anxiety so there is space to get back to your dissertation writing.  This can be effective in overcoming dissertation-related writer’s block.  Contact a dissertation coach for additional assistance.

Overcoming Writer’s Block in the Dissertation: Using your Dissertation Notes

If you are experiencing dissertation writer’s block, take time to review your dissertation notes or dissertation outline.  This will help remind you what the goal of your dissertation is and guide you in getting some dissertation writing on paper.  Write a little for your dissertation, then stop and reflect on your dissertation writing.  This should help overcome dissertation-related writer’s block.  If not, find writing help from a dissertation consultant.

Overcoming Writer’s Block in the Dissertation: Start Writing What You Know

When overcoming writer’s block in the dissertation, it’s good to start writing what you know. Start writing the dissertation section or chapter you feel most comfortable with.  If you are feeling blocked, write at least a half page for your dissertation—even if the writing is horrible.  It’s good to write just to write when overcoming writer’s block in the dissertation.  You may even have some dissertation ideas you can revise.

Professional help from a dissertation coach can motivate you and help you conquer dissertation-related writer’s block.  Your dissertation coach will get you out of the dissertation writing slump and cheer you on to the dissertation finish line.  Contact a dissertation coach now!