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There are some things that a college freshman simply can't live without. For some it may be their family photo album and for others it may be their very first stuffed animal but every college freshman will have that one item that they can't leave home without. It is important to make sure that when your student leaves to go away to school they have with them those items that will make their dorm room feel more like home. At the same point there are also a few items that you will need to purchase to make sure that their living space is not only comfortable but functional.
1. LINENS. Every college dorm room can be spruced up a bit by some nice looking linens. Since most college dormitory beds are twin XL,Guest Posting you likely won't have anything around the house that your student can use anyway. You will find some great looking, inexpensive sheet sets and other dormitory linens online through dorm specialty websites. Local retailers will usually only carry these items during the months of July and August and only in limited supply. Shopping early and online can help you rake in some deals.
2. SMALL APPLIANCE ITEMS. Dormitory living can be a drag and late night studying and snacking tend to go hand in hand. Students will need a mini fridge and small microwave to allow them to eat on the go. Even those students with meal plans find that having these items in their room can really be money saving and convenient. Most college campuses will allow these items in the dorm rooms.
3. STORAGE CONTAINERS. Big and small, any dorm room occupant must discover a way to maximize their living space. Totes that fit beneath the bed and compartments that can make a small closet a whole lot more functional are outstanding items for first year college students.
4. GIFT CARDS. For many college freshmen, gift cards can be lifesavers. Learning to budget and live on a meager part time salary can sometimes be stressful for students. Supplying them gift cards as opposed to cash can allow family members to help out without having to worry about their student blowing money on frivolous items. Gift cards for your student's favorite store, the school bookstore, or even a local restaurant can be great incentives all through the semester.
5. ELECTRONICS. Nowadays no college student can function without a cell phone and laptop. Many colleges can suggest local providers for data packages and some cell phones can even be used as Wi-Fi hot spots. Every student will require technology to help keep them in touch with not only family and friends but also notes and assignments that are posted online by their instructors.

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