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Is college next in the process on your experience list? If you are moving to college soon,Guest Posting chances are you will be living in a dorm room. That means you will have to have to supply your dorm room with all the stuff you will have to have throughout the year. Here are some of the items you shouldn't forget about when you are preparing to box up stuff for your dorm room.
Lighting-Generally lighting is bad in most dorm rooms, so you are going to need an added lighting source so you will be able to get work done in your dorm without making your eyes too weary. Floor lamps, hanging lights and desk lamps work very well. Bedding-You will want a mattress topper or a foam pad which goes over your mattress because dorm mattresses are usually paper thin and really uncomfortable. That's not something you want to sleep on all through the year. You should also bring a set of sheets, blankets and a couple pillows. Make your bed as cozy as possible so you get good relaxation.
Professional Strength Velcro-Bring a couple packs of this stuff, it sticks to just about anything and will be your decorating side kick. You can use it to hang picture frames, posters, light weight mirrors and so much more. Your walls will be basic white, so it's time to locate the creative side of your brain. Seating-Bring a computer chair that is cozy but not too big for all the time you will spend at the desk working. If you plan on having friends over to your dorm room then you will want extra seating as well. Floor pillows work great for this. When not in use, you can stack them in a corner making every other one sit offset so it appears like a design. So its design and seating all together.
Storage containers-You should bring a couple of different storage containers since you will be working with limited space. Get the kind that have the option to become stackable to save on space. This storage will be used for clothes, hair items, bath items, women products, men products, school supplies and more.
Cleaning items-You will need to bring some basic cleaning supplies. I would get something like disinfecting wipes instead of spray bottles. A broom or a vacuum would be good depending on what type of flooring is in the dorm room. A trash can, extra bags, laundry bin and laundry supplies are things you will need as well.

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