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Pearson Test of English is relatively new in comparison to IELTS or TOEFL in the testing department. The test is slowly getting popular among international students to undertake and get a proof of their English ability. Though the test was launched in 2009 but has gained popularity among the takers globally. PTE scores are accepted in over 6000 organisations for visas,Guest Posting immigration, and higher studies in Australia, USA, New Zealand, and Ireland. Prominent universities like Harvard, Yale, and INSEAD among others accept the PTE scores for admission purposes. 

Reasons to Take PTE Test

Non-native speakers need to demonstrate a proof of English proficiency to be eligible for visa applications. Several agencies are conducting English tests and certifying aspirants globally. A taker can enjoy several benefits of taking the PTE test. Here are some:

1. Computerized Test: It is a fully computerised test conducted online after registration in authorised centres. Hence it is a perfect choice for people who hates paperwork.

2. Quick Exam Result: PTE offers exam results within five business days to takers. No waiting for the result and use scores to apply for admission in different institutes which increases the chance of getting an admission.

3. Flexible Exam Dates: Finding a suitable date is easy in 150 authorised centres. Aspirants can take and apply for the test 363 days a year.

4. Get a Reliable Score: Intelligent machines offer marks and grade to students utilising a transparent scoring system. There is no chance of partiality or getting a bias score in the test.

5. Fair and Complete Assessment Test: The test is fair and conducts a complete assessment of the proficiency of takers in the language. Questions test the real-life settings and academic contents instead of local dialect which confuses takers.

PTE Academic Test Preparation Tips

After knowing the enormous benefits of PTE exam, you must be willing to take the test. In fact, it won’t be a wrong decision as PTE takers get a higher score comparison to other exams. PTE Academic India is a three-hour single sitting test conducted on the computer. The test contains four sections as speaking, writing, reading, and listening. The test comes in 20 question formats with several items in each section.

Get a higher overall score with an excellent preparation. Candidates aiming for a proficient or superior level of proficiency scores needs a proper and rigorous practices in advance. No test is easy. Follow the preparation tips given by experts to get the desired score in the test, as:

  • Start training early using current question formats
  • Buy study material PTE official sites
  • Practice on expired versions of the test
  • Take mock test to find out weaker sections for improvements
  • Focus on improving fluency, writing, pronunciation, and listening capacities
  • Focus on improving grammatical mistakes and spelling errors
  • Follow instruction and answer questions within word limit
  • Learn correct use of punctuation like capital letters, comma, full stop, etc.
  • Take coaching from experts for improvement on the language

How to Save Money on Booking PTE Exam?

The price of booking the PTE test is $330 and 25% extra charge is needed on booking late. A financial crisis arises for takers taking the test many times. Buy PTE voucher and use the discounted code for online payment in booking the test. You will get 10% discount on the standard and save money in taking the test. Contact us to buy a voucher and book the test quickly.

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