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Students often get perplexed about choosing the educational destinations. But Singapore is the correct choice for them. It is a modern nation with all the diversified amenities present for the student. The city of Singapore has been given the name of Lion City. You know why it’s because of the great financial success this country has attained over the years. The country has experienced an unprecedented growth rate in the later half of 20th century.


The region of Singapore is also worthy of your living because it has high order and organization which are the mottos behind the life of Singaporeans. The students would be pleased to know about the high availability of Singapore scholarships to study abroad.

One scholarship that needs a special mention is the SINGA(Singapore international graduate award) which is available to all those students who are pursuing Ph.D. in this country at specific universities like Nanyang Technological University,Guest Posting Singapore University of Technology and Design and National University of Singapore . This scholarship scheme is a joint collaboration between these three universities. The different research areas for Ph.D. subjects for which this scholarship is available are Biomedical Sciences, Physical Science, and Engineering.

The cost of education in Singapore varies between universities; however, the average living cost is between 6,500 to 7.500 dollars. However, the study cost for postgraduate courses is high and is approximately between 7,500 to 8,500 Singaporean dollars.

Singapore government also provides scholarships to students who are pursuing undergraduate degrees in this country. The students who are apt candidates for such Singapore scholarships to study abroad should be enrolled in the reputed universities like NUS(national University of Singapore), SMU(Singapore Management University) and NTU(Nanyang Technological university). These scholarships are not available for the fields of dentistry and medicine, except that for all subjects. The amount of these scholarships covers all the expenses of a student including his tuition fees, and accommodation expenses depending on the rental rates for rooms at a university in which a student is enrolled. Apart from covering all these expenses, these scholarships provide students with a monthly allowance of 4,300 Singaporean dollars. Isn’t that amazing? Apart from these extraordinary benefits students also get the privilege of a return air ticket once during the duration of their educational stay in Singapore. These scholarships are given to all the eligible student candidates belonging to ASEAN (Association of South East Nations) countries excluding those from Singapore. So, these scholarships cover students from different member countries of ASEAN like Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Brunei, Vietnam, Laos and Burma.

The great part about studying in Singapore is that it has a horde of quality universities. Apart from NUS, SMU, and NTU, there are also international universities that have opened branches here like Technische Universität München.(Germany) and Chicago Business school. The country has great enrolment rates with almost 18% of the Singaporean students comprising of international students. The students can also grasp anything which is taught here because the main language used in teaching is English.


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