Three Great Gospel Singers

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Gospel music has been lifting the spirits of it's listeners for a very long time. Here you'll learn about some of the most influencial singers in the history of this genre.

Gospel music isn’t simply a music genre that is savored by those who love the spiritual message within each piece--Gospel music,Guest Posting in its own right, represents an emotional experience that reaches the soul. A slew of incredibly-talented Gospel singers grace concert halls and album covers, but here are three artists that top the charts.

Sandi Patty

Sandi Patty was born in 1956 and came from a very musical family. As a young adult, Sandi sang background vocals and recorded tunes for commercials. As her reputation as a talented singer became increasingly known, she was honored with her first recorded album—For My Friends—which lead to her first professional record—Sandi’s Song—in 1979. Things only got better for this talented singer; and in 1982, she won her first two GMA Dove Awards. It was at this time that she began to sing as backup for the Bill Gaither Trio which is a very well-known Gospel group that can boast of Grammy Awards and a host of ‘Songwriter of the Year’ awards to its credit.    

Sandi’s reputation became increasingly solidified and between national tours, mainstream television appearances and other events such as singing the national anthem at the Indianapolis 500 on multiple occasions, Ms. Patty’s reputation preceded her and her concerts became sold-out sensations. Between the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, Sandi was averaging more than 200 concerts a year and was receiving an average of more than $100,000 per appearance. From 1984 to 1991, Ms. Patty had won 5 Grammy Awards; from 1983 to 2011 she had won 23 GMA Dove Awards; and from 1982-1992 Ms. Patty was selected as the Female Vocalist of the Year each of those years!

In was in 1993 that Sandi divorced her husband and married her backup singer, Don Peslis, with whom she had been having an affair. Ms. Patty eventually confessed her affair to her church’s congregation. Within her autobiographical book, Broken on the Back Row, she expressed her personal grief for what she had done and took steps to seek forgiveness from those whom she had hurt, so deeply.

Though the entirety of Ms. Patty’s accomplishments are too numerous to mention, her crowning glory came in 2004 when she was inducted into the Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame.

Yolanda Adams

Born in 1961, Yolanda Adams’s parents hadn’t a clue that 30 years later, their daughter would be in the enviable position of having sold well over 4 million albums not to mention multiple millions around the world. After graduating from Texas Southern University, Yolanda’s aspirations were to be a schoolteacher and model—both, of which, came to fruition. But it was Yolanda’s singing talent that beckoned her to change her life course. A slew of offers from various artists in the Gospel music industry reached out to her; and the following list is only a mere sampling of Yolanda’s accomplishments:

*** Sound of Gospel offered a recording contract in 1987 where Yolanda created her first album, Just As I Am.

*** Tribute Records released Yolanda’s album, Through The Storm, in addition to two singles and a host of other musical productions in the 1990’s.

*** Elektra Records released Yolanda’s album, Mountain High…Valley, Low in 1999 where other well-known artists helped with the production including Janet Jackson, Boys II Men, Mariah Carey and others. This particular album went 2X Platinum and earned Yolanda a Grammy.

*** Yolanda’s 2001 album entitled, The Experience, led the way for Yolanda’s second Grammy Award.

*** Atlantic Records released Yolanda’s greatest-hits collection, The Best of Me, in 2007; and in that same year, Columbia Records released, What a Wonderful Time—a holiday collection—as well as Hold On which was a lead single.

*** In 2012, Yolanda won The Best Gospel Artist Award at the BET Awards for the 4th time in her illustrious career.

Like many people, Yolanda Adams endured a rocky marriage. That relationship lasted only a few years (1987-1990) to Tory Mason which ended in divorce due to spousal abuse. Then in 1997, Ms. Adams married former NFL star Tim Crawford, but that marriage, too, ended in divorce after only 7 years.

Yolanda Adams’ talent is impressive and is backed by her receiving four Grammy Awards, sixteen Stellar Gospel Music Awards, four Dove Awards, one American Music Award, five BET Awards and more!.

David Phelps

David Phelps was born in Texas in 1969 and is a beloved Southern Gospel and Christian vocalist, songwriter and vocal arranger. Since 2009, David Phelps has been part of the Gaither Vocal Band--an American Southern Gospel vocal group with vocal talent that is nothing short of mesmorizing. As a contemporary Gospel artist, Mr. Phelps is credited with a virtual endless vocal range—covering more than three octaves. Mr. Phelps’ musical accomplishments are astounding; and only a few include the following:

*** Multiple Dove and Grammy Awards as well as a number of platinum-selling projects

***Dove Award nomination in 2009 for Male Vocalist of the Year

*** Live concerts, numerous television network appearances and the release of innumerable albums have catapulted Mr. Phelps’ reputation as an icon in the Gospel Music genre.

David Phelps has an innate ability to bring Gospel Music to life; and some of his work includes an eclectic mix of modern pop and soulful ballads. Listening to this gifted vocalist allows one an opportunity to marvel at how stunningly Mr. Phelps’ voice praises God and His magnificent grace. Mr. Phelps is very happily married to his wife of over 20 years; and Mr. and Mrs. Phelps have four children and live in the country just outside Nashville, Tennessee.

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