Tips to Effectively Finding and Working With Your Research Supervisor

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Working on a thesis can be an exciting and yet extremely frustrating process.

Students have to face various troubles and challenges while writing the thesis and especially when dealing with the thesis mentor. Working with a research supervisor is one of the most crucial aspects of the thesis submission process. Read on to get some tips on how to effectively work with your mentor:

Understand your own research interests – You must be aware of your interests in the different fields and have 2-3 topics so that you have more options to work with. Start as early as possible so that you can have ample time to explore different areas of interest.

Finding the right supervisor – Once you have narrowed down on the subjects,Guest Posting talk to faculty members about who will be suitable to guide you in your paper. The mentor must have an in-depth knowledge in the subject in order to be able to assist you with the mentoring. You must also be aware of the supervisor’s style so that there are no surprises during the process.

Share expectations and set goals – Once you finalise a supervisor, you must share goals and expectations in the very first meeting itself. The thesis writing is a collaborative process in which most of the effort must be put in from the student’s side. However, it is nice to have a clear understanding about the supervisor’s expectations and have clearly defined goals so that both of you are in a better position to work together.

Set up an appointment schedule – You must set up a win-win situation in order to meet your supervisor for thesis related work. Some students feel the need to meet or discuss weekly while others prefer it to be fortnightly. Talk to your mentor in order to set a schedule as per your needs so that you have a fixed guideline towards discussions.

Thesis writing may seem like a tough challenge but with the right help and support from your supervisor, you can surely excel in the process and succeed with flying colours.

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