Top Interesting Facts About World-Known Writers

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Learn about the weirdest facts from biograhies of world-known writers and poets!

Literature is one of the most exciting and interesting hobbies one can have. Reading books,Guest Posting penetrating in their intricate plots and following the steps of main characters – these are the best moments! However, it might be far more inspiring getting acquainted with their creators, whose biography is as impressive as life story of their “literary offspring”. Learn more about some famous writers in this article.

1.       George Byron is likely to be the greatest and magnificent English poets, who despite short lifetime managed to astonish and to amaze his audience. The romance and sensitiveness of his masterpieces emphasized author’s excitement with love affairs, and ladies were not the only one he was believed to be in love with. Byron was multiply accused of the so-called pansexualism – the pattern of diverse sexual affairs.

2.      Charles Dickens, literary leader of the Victorian Age, was an extreme oppose of monuments and stone statues. He also prohibited making any monuments to honor his personality in the will. Today the only writers’ memorial is found in Philadelphia, which was erected despite protests of Dickens’ family members.

3.       It is a fact of common knowledge that Ernest Hemingway suffered from alcohol addiction and committed suicide. Clearly it was a not a full list. There were claims of his strong paranoia that features he was stalked constantly. Probably, that explained Ernest Hemingway’s scare of public performances. In addition, the idea of being stalked was confirmed after authors’ death –declassified documents marked he was followed by FBI surveillance.

4.       The straight Frenchman, Honore de Balzac, was a fan of Turkish coffee. The author was told to drink nearly 50 cups per day. If coffee stores were exhausted, Honore de Balzac grinded a handful of beans and chewed them with great pleasure.

5.       The inventor of “horror fiction” Edgar Allan Poe was afraid of the dark. In sober fact, some literary experts explained this fear by the fact Poe’s school was arranged at the cemetery because of teachers’ poverty at the time. Quick-witted teacher of mathematics conducted classes at the nearby cemetery, among the graves. Each student chose a burial site and calculated how many years the deceased lived, subtracting the birth date from the date of death.

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