Why CCNP Certification Is The Key To Success In Networking

Sep 2


Karan A Gupta

Karan A Gupta

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Networking is the bread and butter of many people; however, to understand the networking at an advanced level, the best way is to get the CCNP certification which will make it easy for a professional to grow in the technology understanding. This certification can be taken from a reputed institute.


CCNP is basically the Cisco certified for network professionals. This is one of the most important certification after the other qualifications of networking professionals who want to start a promising career in IT networking. If you are also planning to go for CCNP in Pune then this piece of writing is surely a must read for you.

The CCNP certification is generally done by the CCNAs who want to increase their skills and who want to understand the advanced networking in a better manner. By taking this certification of CCNP it will make a professional expert in managing,Why CCNP Certification Is The Key To Success In Networking Articles planning, troubleshooting and implementing the WANs and LANs in the environment of an enterprise.

This certification is also considered great when it comes to the knowledge of working with the other professionals so that the voice, video, wireless and other things could be managed, along with other services this certification also makes a professional efficient when it comes to the security solutions.

Which professionals can do this certification?

The certification of CCNP is basically for the professionals who have the experience of one year in managing the networks of an enterprise and the professionals who want to increase their knowledge by taking the advanced training. The CCNP certification is also for the professionals who want to increase the scope of their work or the job profile.

The common job roles which are covered in this certification include the network specialists, system engineers, network engineers, support engineers and network specialists. Along with these, when we talk about the horizon of this certification then all the professionals in the networking field can actually widen the scope of their job with the help of it.

Coming to the benefits of the CCNP certification, there are inevitably many benefits of doing this certification and professionals can actually get a wide knowledge of networking with the help of it. The most common benefits of it are enhancing the technical skills and knowledge and apart from this, it also provides an add-on advantage in the profile of a person.

Apart from all other benefits, the most major benefit is in the amount of money which a person gets monthly, yes you got it right; we are talking about the salary. The salary of the networking professionals who have the CCNP certification is high as compared to the other professionals.