Why is IRON Program Important for International Nurses?

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Australia is a popular destination for students and jobseekers coming from different nations. The high quality of life,Guest Posting liberal society, recognised education system, laid-back environment, low crime rate, and greater employment opportunities are some of the reasons attracting thousands of people to Australia.

Nursing as a Career Option in Australia

Nursing is a good career option with higher job opportunities worldwide. A report of World Health Organisation (WHO) estimated there would be a shortage of 12.9 million healthcare workers across the globe by 2035. Hence, it is the right time to pursue a nursing course to be a part of the dynamic industry with higher career growth.

The population of Australia has increased rapidly in the last few decades. Qualified nurses are required to offer healthcare services to the growing population. Further, Australia is facing an acute shortage of registered nurses in medical facilities which hamper providing quality healthcare services to patients. It is rightly reflected with the consistent publishing of nursing occupations in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) and Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL) by the states. It is an excellent opportunity for foreign nurses to kick-start their career in Australia.

IRON Program in Australia

As stated above, Australia needs more qualified nurses to offer quality healthcare services to its population. It won’t be possible without increasing the strength of the nursing workforce. As local graduates can’t meet the rising demand, international nurses are being hired to narrow the deficit in the local healthcare sectors.

Initial Registration of Overseas Nurses (IRON) is a bridging program initiated for foreign nurses to apply for registration in Australia. IRON program in Australia enables qualified nurses to hone their skills with theoretical and practical training to be eligible for the domestic market. It allows students to increase employment opportunities and get registration from Australian Health Practitioner and Regulation Agency (AHPRA) after completing successfully.

Top requirements for candidates

  • Possess a recognised nursing degree
  • 3 months to 2 years of nursing work experience
  • Have good English proficiency score
  • Valid passport to study in Australia
  • Possess Overseas Student Health Cover
  • A letter of eligibility from AHPRA
  • Evidence of sufficient fund, and others.

Importance of IRON Program for Nurses

Australia follows a high standard of nursing practices to offer quality medical services to the sick person. Nurses join this program for orientation and develop market-relevant skills based on the local settings working on live projects. IRON program for nurses is the program needed by aspirants to launch their careers in the domestic market. It is a 13-week program consisting of formal learning and internship training in a local setting. Nursing graduates get registration from the AHPRA after completing the program successfully.

Here are the top benefits of joining this program:

  • Work professional skills
  • Learn work culture and ethics
  • Develop communication skills
  • Writing a resume
  • Improve interview facing skills
  • Network with industry experts and peers
  • Be ready for the Australian market

Importance of Education Consultants for Students

Australia has a quality education system and top-ranked universities offering courses in the different field of study. International students should consult with education experts to acquire knowledge about the course, universities, and options in the selected career. Hire the best education consultants to improve your studying experience in Australia. Contact us to hire our education experts for counselling and start an illustrious career quickly. 

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