Why to choose USA as a study destination?

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USA Study visa is a desirable option for students. You may ask why? It’s because most of the top notch universities in this country are actually located here.

This country offers international students chances to study both graduate and post graduate courses. The number of universities in the US is huge. There are universities in every US state. Almost 4% of students studying in a US university currently have a non-American background. One of them is the Harvard University. This university has currently 20,000 students enrolled here right now.


Harvard University has the best of the student aid programs available. It has granted a record amount of 160 million dollars to only 60% of its students pursuing graduation. The schools which offer scholarships in this university are,Guest Posting Harvard Business school, Harvard Divinity school, Harvard graduate school of education, Harvard Kennedy school, Harvard medical school etc. The need-based aid programs of Harvard are solely based on the needs of the students.

A financial aid officer gets assigned by Harvard to the student to decide whether the contribution of a student’s family is sufficient to meet his educational needs. The contributions will also include that amount which can be contributed by a student through his part-time employment in summers and during the academic session.The students whose parents have incomes lower than 65,000 dollars annually are expected to meet study cost in the USAthrough scholarships and their parents are not required to contribute anything. However parents whose incomes are more than 65,000 dollars but less than 1, 50,000 dollars are expected to make contributions of a maximum of 10% of their incomes to meet the study cost in the USA of their wards. However, parents with annual incomes more than 1,50,000 dollars are expected to contribute more than 10% of their incomes towards the expenditure of their wards into the USA study costs.

It’s important that you undertake exams like graduate record examination (GRE) to qualify for admission in any US university for a postgraduate course. The GMAT (graduate management admission test) is also an applicable test for admission to a postgraduate course in a US university. Similarly, a student needs to qualify the SAT exam to take admission in any graduate course in a US university. The duration of an undergraduate course in a US university is approximately four years. After some years, students are required to pick their subjects of focus in an undergraduate course. There are different tests, which are required to gain admission to different streams of subjects in the US, for example, law school admission test(LSAT), has to be undertaken if a student wants to take admission in a law school. For proving the language proficiency, a student needs to undertake IELTS also.

The GRE general test can be taken twice. The candidate has the option to use the best of his scores for submission to the desired school of admission. This is a beneficial option for students who can decide to make use of the scores scored over a period of 5 years. It's also not necessary to answer the questions serial wise rather they can be answered in the order in which you know them.


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