How to Make your Gmail Account Private

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This article is about how can you make your Gmail account private by adding security features with the account.

How to Make your Gmail Account Private With Use Some Steps or MethodsIf you are a Gmail users and facing some difficulty in proper using your Gmail email account. Then,Guest Posting it's necessary you to timely change your Gmail account privacy and security to make better privacy of your Gmail account and make difficult to another person to get its hacked. to secure your emails from hackers either user can enable 2 step verification or can change the password by adding a recovery email to their account. Make your password much strong that anyone cannot guess it easily. To make your password strong add Uppercase Letters, Lowercase letters & numbers it will make it strong.

How to Make your Gmail Account Private?Here we'll explain you some tips or methods which assist on make strong protect level your Gmail Account by enabling 2 step verification.

Enable Two Step Verification:The users must require first to setup Two Step Verification to build strong privacy of their account.

  • In Gmail, go to "My Account".
  • In the “signing into Google", look the “ Two Step verification” option and then sets to “ON” to enable.
  • Hit “Get Started” button.
  • Choose a reliable option to get verification from text or phone calls to start.

Protect Password:It's crucial for users to apply Recovery & Alert option for created Gmail account more privacy.

  • Login into Gmail account, and then go to "My Account" section.
  • Go to "Personal info & privacy", and then click on "Your personal info" option.
  • In the "Phone" section, enter a phone to the recovery process.

Change Timely Password:It is very necessary for users to change Gmail account password on a day-to-day basis to create a privacy also save your information. In Gmail account, go to "Setting" option.Select “Accounts and Import" option and click on "Change account settings".Choose “Change password" and hit “Change or Reset password”.

To get more information or help to fix this issue or other Gmail account associated issues, you can connect with the Gmail technical support number team and get comprehensive support & services. The proficient technicians are available 24x7 days for help.

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Follow the provided steps to add security with your Gmail account.

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