How to Recover Google Account without Phone Number?

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How do you recover my google account if I forgot my password and phone number

If you forgot the password or username of your Google Account! Now you’re trying to recover an account,Guest Posting but you can’t get verification code on your mobile phone. Then don’t worry! Recover Google Account without Phone Number is also possible for you by use of your email address. Then follow the below-mentioned steps to easily do it.

  • Open your browser and type this URL “”.
  • Next, enter your Email ID, in the Email text box. Click “Next”.
  • Enter the last password that you remember in the text box.
  • The next page hit on the “Try another way” option,
  • Next, select the “I do not phone” option.
  • Now, Google will send a verification code to your Email address. Click “Send”.
  • Check your email address to see a verification code and then enter that code into the text box. Click the “Next" button.
  • Follow the on-screen direction, and then you will be asked to choose a new Google account password.
  • Then enter a new password and then again confirm the same password, in the required text fields.

Now you are done.

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After recovering your Google Account, you can easily and quickly use Google services like Gmail, Photos, Google Play, and so on.

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