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More than 1 billion people actively use different Google products and services worldwide hence getting customized solutions from Google isn’t an easy task at all. 

Although,Guest Posting Google provides online solution set for almost all its products and services, but sometimes even these online solutions won’t help in resolving our issues. But don’t get disappointed as here we have come up with some easy ways through which you can contact the Google support team in no time. Whether you have an issue in your Google pay, Google account or any other Google product, the Google support team can be easily reached via following different ways!!

  1. Google support phone number

As Google is a giant player in the search engine market, there is no specific phone number available to contact the Google customer service team except for the Google phone number. However, Google provides a toll free number for Google pay service. So, if you are facing any trouble with your Google pay and get your issue resolved quickly on the call itself. But for Google account issues, the phone based customer service is unavailable and the only option to contact Google team is via Google help forum. However, if you want on the spot phone based assistance for your Google account issues, contacting third parties is the best alternative.

  1. Google live chat system

The live chat system is the best and fastest contact option, but Google live chat is available only for Google play store products. Hence, if you want to do a live chat for any Google play store product, then simply launch the play store on your phone or PC and tap on the help icon at the top left corner. Now, choose the contact us option and complete the three steps at the contact page before reaching the live chat option. Once you reach the last step, choose live chat as a contact option and enter your name and describe the issue in detail. After entering this, the live chat window will open with a “Hi” message. So, just reply to this message and a live person from Google will chat with you and resolve your issues.

  1. Google email service

If any of your Google products turns out to be defective, or if you are unhappy with any Google service or product, then you can file a complaint or give your feedback on Google’ email address (support-in@google.com). But before sending an email to Google, make sure that you clearly mention the name and version of your Google product which is defective and then provide your full name and phone number so that Google can easily identify you and revert back to you with the best possible option. Although the email procedure but is still an effective method to reach out to Google support team.

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Donal Jolley

Although the email procedure but is still an effective method to reach out to Google support team.

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