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Movie Name: Milenge Milenge

Tagline: Story of love and destiny.

Release Date: Releasing March 5th 2010.

Genre: Romance

Banner: S K Films Enterprises.

Producer: Boney Kapoor

Director: Satish Kaushik

Cast: Kareena Kappor,Guest Posting Shahid Kapoor, Satish Shah, Aarti Chhabria, and Delnaaz Paul.

Cinematography: Ahmed Khan

Story writer: Shiraz Ahmad

Screenplay writer: Shiraz Ahmad

Milenge Milenge Movie Review

Milenge Milenge movie is story of an orphan girl named Priya (Kareena Kapoor), who's a transit student in Delhi and is a part time choreographer as shown in latest Milenge Milenge trailer. Priya's dream  guy is something out of a book, she's looking for a guy who doesn't drink, smoke or lie and on meeting  Sunita Rao ( a famous palmist) she finds  that she'll meet this special someone in Africa. She happens to meet Amit (Shahid Kapoor) the biggest liar in his college a chain smoker and a regular drinker after first 2 Milenge Milenge songs.

Faith so has it that Priya gets selected as a representative of her college for a youth festival in South Africa and Amit decides to visit South Africa with his friends in film Milenge Milenge. While helping his friend Amit lands up in the girl's hostel and is chased by matron who spots him. While running, he takes refuge in Priya's room who is sleeping unaware. Amit is so mesmerized by her beauty that he decides to woo her being the perfect guy Priya has described in her diary. He copies pages of her personal diary and place it back on her bedside. In the next four days Amit becomes successful in making Priya fall in love with him, convincing her that he's the guy of her dreams but  his lie is short lived, as Priya finds the pages of her diary in his room and realizes the scheme he has been up to.

Amit tries to convince her that infact it's all part of destiny that they had to meet, so Priya puts the fate of their relationship in the hands of destiny. She writes his full name on a fifty rupee note and buys a notebook with it. She writes her full name and phone number in the book and gives it to an old book shop. Because she believes that if they were really meant to be together then the 50 rps note and the book will find a way back to them. And so will destiny play a part in reuniting these strayed lovers? Or is there story meant for a sad end?

Watch this Bebo-Shahid ex-lovers movie coming finally in March this year though Milenge Milenge release date isn't yet announced. Wait to watch whether these two will bring the same magic as Jub We Met back but due to the delay of the movie the result are not expected to be the same as JWM's box office result. Milenge Milenge review will reveal the whole story. But hey lets wait to watch the movie first! You can download Milenge Milenge wallpapers till the movie is released.

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