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today i wrote the review of Movie Bajrangi Bahijaan, that how this movie got praise from audience and how many records of previous movies does it broke and how much it earn so for everything is mentioned including its participators etc 

Salman khan’s movie has recently released on 17th of July 2015,Guest Posting this movie was his first after kick from which he got praise from numerous of people. Anyhow Bajrangi Bahijaan was directed by Kabir khan and produced by Salman khan. The amazing thing about Bajrangi Bahijaan is that it was produced by Salman khan and Salman khan films Production company had provided its services, moreover this movie was written by Kabir khan and scripts of this movie was written by K.V Vijayendra Prasad. In the same way the music of this movie was composed by Pritam and cinematography was done by famous cinematographer Aseem Mishra. In this movie along with Salman khan Kareena Kapoor khan as well as Nawazuddin siddiqui had performed. Salman khan got the role of Pawan Kumar/ Bajrangi and Kareena Kapoor khan performed the role as Rasika while Nawazuddin Siddiqui acted as Chand Nawab a Pakistani reporter. A part from these three famous celebrities of Bollywood industry Om Puri, Harshaali Malhotra as well as Sharat Saxena and Adnan Sami also participated. There was a special appearance of Om Puri while Adnan Sami was appeared as guest in a song Bhardo Jholi Meri. Anyways in this movie Nawazuddin siddiqui, Salman khan as well as Kareena Kapoor got the lead role.

The movie started with a Muslim family who were watching television in Sultanpur village which is situated in Azad Kashmir Pakistan, Shahida’s mother (Meher vij) who was watching cricket match against India and Pakistan, she kicked her daughter when Afridi lead Pakistan leads Pakistan to victory, few year later her baby grown up whose name was Shahida (Harshaali Malhotra) her mother took her to Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya’s Dargah which is existed in Delhi in order to pray for her daughter as she was speech Impaired girl. Mean while she lost her daughter somewhere in India. Shahida followed Bajrangi who was dancing with other people who were attending worship, Shahida got associated with him and Bajrangi supposed that she was Hindu and got separation from her parents so Bajrangi purchased her a Bajrang Bali in order to protect her from harm.  On the way going toward Delhi Bajrangi asked questions from little girl and called her munni in order to get answer from where does she belong? But she does not answer him. While travelling on the bus Bajrangi described his story that how he met with Rasika (Kareena Kapoor) and he told the little girl that he had promised with her father Dayanand (Sharat Saxena) to gather adequate amount in order to purchase a home so that he can protect Rasika and provide her luxurious life and he also wanted to proved that he is a rich groom. Anyways Bajrangi convinced Rasika to stay munni along with them until or unless they can find Munni’s parents. But unfortunately they were not aware about her parents as well as her residence. One day Bajrang Justify Munni that she is a Muslim while eating meat at one of his neighbor’s residence. And after that Bajrangi wanted to sent her back towards her homeland Pakistan but for this purpose she should has a passport otherwise she will not able to go home. So Bajrangi met with one of travel agent in order to send Munni Home and used all of the money which he has been reserving in order to purchase home. Definitely he had to pay the travel agent in order send Munni Pakistan ……………..

This initial photography was begun on 3rd November 2014 in New Delhi along with Salman Khan as well as Kareena Kapoor. In the same way the second photography schedule was took place at ND studios Karjat. Moreover the third filming schedule was held in Mandawa at Rajasthan. On 7th of January 2015 Salman khan was seem at the top of Mandawa castle playing cricket along with young boy. Similarly on 10th of January 2015 Khan made picture making along with school students in Rajasthan in district Jhunjhunu. The shooting of the movie was completed on 20th May, frequent of film scenes were made at Salman Khan’s Farm house. On other hand shooting 0f this movie also made in Kashmir in Sonmarg as well as Zoji La. The climax scene of the film was made at Sonmarg which is near to Thajiwas Glacier which is round about 10,000 ft above from sea level it is massive altitude.

In this movie renowned as well as admired traditional Qawwali Bhardo Jholi Meri Ya Muhammad which was sung by Sabir Brother from Pakistan has been added. And the innovation has been made in this Qawwali by Adnan Sami. The amendments that have been made by Adnan Sami khan got several of pessimistic reviews as Pakistan’s biggest recording Label EMI and Amjad Sabri Qawwal had called for legal action against the producer of the movie Bajrangi Bahijaan. Making innovation in Qawwali without any permission or without making any agreement is totally illegal and unsuitable. While giving interview to Roznama express he said that it is totally illegal as this Qawwali is not an ordinary Kalaam it is the asset of my family members and this Qawwali is the asset of my Father Ghulam Farid Sabri as well as my uncle Maqbool Ahmed Sabri.

Bajrangi Bahijaan was released on 17th of July 2015 before Eid. This film was also released in round about 50 other countries excluding India. apart from these countries this film was also released in Pakistan after cutting some dialogues and it is released in more than 80 screens in Pakistan and it is also released in Morocco, Korea, Taiwan as well as in Tunisia and later on released in Poland. And no tax was incurred on this movie in Uttar Pradesh.

Times of India as well as Srijana Mitra Das have given 4 out 5 stars to this movie and Rajeev Masand of IBN gave this movie 3 stars.  Moreover Shubhra Gupta of Indian Express gave this film 2.5 stars and Supama Sharma of Deccan Chronicle praised the film by giving it 4 stars. Furthermore Raja Sen of named this movie as solid Crowd pleaser and gave this movie 3.5 star.  The new songs of this movie is available on given source, anyways this movie broke the first week record of movie PK as well as HNY. It earned round about 4.2 million dollars and 270 million Indian rupees in first week. On its second week this movie earn round about 350 million Indian rupee as well as 5.5 Million Us dollars moreover this movie made 385 million Indian rupee that is 6.0 million dollars on its first Sunday. Furthermore this film earned 255 million rupee that is 4.0 million dollars on its first Monday and 3.3 million dollars on its first Tuesday. In overseas market this movie earned round about 8.1 million dollars in its first week and all over the world market excluding India and this movie made another record that is second highest opening Weekend for the Hindi films and in United states as well as in Canada this movie made 2.45 million dollars and in Pakistan it earned 4.5 crore or you can say 440,000 approximately in first 3 days after releasing. And after that it earned 6 crore in its first week this was an incredible accomplishment for Salman Khan as well as for the participators of this movie that was Nawazuddin siddiqui, Kareena Kapoor khan, Harshaali Malhotra as well as Om Puri and many other.

Salman Khan’s this movie was wonderful in all aspects it earned a lot and broke the record of movie PK as well as HNY and it also got praise of numerous of people as the story of this movie fascinated them a lot and this movie got optimistic response from the audience. Let see Salman how Salman khan will win the heart of his lover as he is working on another project which will release soon in near future.

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