Katrina’s new Movie Phantom is Coming to Release

Aug 20


Junaid Raza

Junaid Raza

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In this article you will get information of upcoming movie of Saif Ali khan as welll as Katrina kaif. i had mentioned everything relevant to movie Phantom so feel free to take information from here.


Katrina Kaif is one of admired Bollywood actress; she is currently working on her new project that is “Phantom” along with famous actor Saif Ali khan. Both of them are appearing on screen third time as Katrina as well as saif had done two movies before excluding Phantom which is new one. They collaborated in movie Race this movie was directed by Abbas Mustan and was produced by Ramesh S Taurani as well as Kumar S. Taurani. It was written by Jitendra Parmar as well as Anurag Prapanna. Moreover the picture making of this movie was done by Ravi Yadav and the scripts have been written by famous script writer Shiraz Ahmed. The music was composed by Pritam and Tips Music Films contribute its production services. In this movie Katrina Kaif along with Saif Ali khan,Katrina’s new Movie Phantom is Coming to Release  Articles Anil Kapoor as well as Sameera Reddy had participated. In this movie Kaif has performed as Sophia a secretary of Ranvir Singh, who assist him in all matters of his business, and Saif Ali Khan performed as Ranvir Singh the older of the two brothers as well as a superior Business man.  Anyways both of them won the heart of audiences through their performance as well as acting and this movie was released on 21 March 2008. The Race movie has been declared as best movie while its songs were also proclaimed as the Top Bollywood songs of 2008

 They also worked in movie Bombay Talkies, this was Indian Anthology film and it was consisted of Four Short movies. It was directed by Karan Johar, Zoya Akhtar, Anurag Kashyap as well as Dibakar Banerjee. And it was produced by Ashi Dua. Thi movie was released on 3 May 2013; the camera work has been handled by Several of Cinematographer like Anil Mehta Ayananka Bose, Carlos Catalan as well as Nikos Andritsakis as well as Rajeev Ravi. Flying unicorn entertainment Production Company had provided its production services, in this movie several of Bollywood actors contributed a lot together with Katrina Kaif as well as Saif Ali khan. In this film saif Ali khan has Special appearance while Katrina had appeared in Cameo role.  Nevertheless they are now working on new project which is about to release, it may take few days but it is scheduled to release on 28th of August 2015. This movie is directed by famous as well as praised director Kabir khan and produced by renowned producer Sajid Nadiadwala as well as Siddharth Roy Kapur. The picture making of this movie has been made by Aseem Mishra and Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment Production Company had provided its services.  In this movie Katrina Kaif as well as saif Ali khan got the lead role and you will see saif Ali performing as Daniyal Sheikh and Katrina Kaif as Nawaz Mistri. Anyways this movie is based on 26/11 Mumbai Attacks and as well as on global terrorism and you will see Katrina and Saif performing the role of agents or mercenaries in this movie. And Katrina has been selected to play Parsi Indian Girl in this movie and this film was initially titled as Daniyal Khan and after that it is titled as Phantom. So in order to perform in this movie Kaif as well as Saif face some problems as both of them learnt Kurdish as well as Arabic language in order to speak like Arabic’s in movie.

The shooting of the film was started in October 2013 in Beirut in Lebanon. Round about 10 percent of the film was made in Lebanon. In most famous as well as beautiful part such as down town Beirut as well as Khandaq al Ghameeq as well as Mountainous area of Kfardebian. In order to make the movie most fascinating shoot of the film required Syrian Refugee camps which include round about 400 locals to act as traitor’s militias. The set of the movie seem realistic enough that numerous of people in that area considered them real militia group. And the Army of Lebanon was circling the planes over them. However their confusion was cleared so they have been provided to the crew by Lebanon army due to bad circumstances. Later on an accident has been occurred during the shooting of the film, two local artists have been injured due to being struck by the car. Anyways shooting was also done in several parts of the world, such as Gulmarg as well as in Jammu and Kashmir in January 2014. Also in Malerkotla in Punjab. In August 2014 shooting was resumed In London in United Kingdom as well as in Vancouver in Canada. In September 2014 the final Schedule of movie was finished in city Mumbai in India. Moreover an underwater scene has been done by saif as well as Katrina at Orca Dive Club in Mumbai. Anyways the shooting of this film was completed in 90 days. The trailer of this movie was released on 25th of July 2015 and Sajid Nadiadwala, saif Ali khan as well as Kabir khan and Katrina Kaif was present there when they released the trailer of this movie, and the song Afghan Jalebi was published on 30 July 2015 in order to enhance the visibility of the film. Anyways the latest new songs 2015 are attainable online, you can listen them as this movie is new so you will not face difficulty to seek out the relevant movie songs.  Anyways the movie songs of this film are made in Mehboob studio in Mumbai. And famous singers like Arijit singh as well as Nakash Aziz sang songs of this movie.

Albeit the story of this movie is different from other movies as it is distinctive story let see how Katrina and Saif Ali will get folks contemplation through their acting as well as performance and how much this movie will earn at Bollywood wood box office. It would be a cause of joy for Kaif as well as for Ali khan if they get success in their upcoming project. You will able to watch this movie on 28th of August 2015.