How Does a Wedding Planner Use Math

May 15


Jason Kassel, PhD

Jason Kassel, PhD

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Some people think a wedding planner is all about basic information, things anyone can manage. You may see the services and assume it is all simple stuff. What you may forget, however, is that a wedding planner also makes sure that the math is right.


From the moment that you give them the budget and you figure out the venue,How Does a Wedding Planner Use Math Articles they are doing the math to get everything just right. This is part of the financial advantage of hiring a professional rather than doing the work on your own. You can trust that the budget is handled in a capable and effective way.

Taking control of the budget is something a planner has to do. They will do the math to figure out what percentage of the budget goes to which services. They will do this based on a priority list, based on how much each service costs, and based on what is most important in general. Planners can build a strategy around the budget. You will have a certain percentage going to everything and an objective planner who can use the money to provide the best possible results. Big or small purchases, the money will go further because an expert has control over the entire situation.

How to pay the vendors and pay for the products and services is important, too. You do not hand the money over immediately; you pay in certain amounts over a certain amount of time. The planner will figure out a plan to make sure that everyone receives the amount that they need at the time they need it. There is structure to the payments that you alone might not accomplish successfully. This is because planners know how to give all businesses and individuals their owed money in a timely manner and in full without missing anyone.

There is also math when planning the arrangement and placement of everything in the wedding itself. You only have a certain amount of space, but you need to fit all services and all guests. You have to make sure that no one has difficulty moving, that all companies can set up and do their job without failure, and that the wedding does not have problems with space. All of this requires quite a bit of math. Planners can do the math and create the perfect design that will suit everyone. This ensures that your wedding can continue happily.

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