Jagannatakam Telugu Movie Review and Rating

May 17




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Release Date: March 13, 2015 Author Rating: 2.75/5 Director: Pradeep Nandan Producer: Adisesha Reddy Music Director: Ajay Arasada Starring: Pradeep Nandan, Khenisha Chandran


Jagannatakam,Jagannatakam Telugu Movie Review and Rating Articles a Telugu film released in 2015, offers a mix of romance, drama, and suspense. While it has its moments, the film struggles with pacing and predictability. This review delves into the strengths and weaknesses of the movie, providing a comprehensive analysis of its various elements.


Prudhvi (Pradeep Nandan) is a jovial young man living with his father and sister, Upasri. His dream is to become an actor. He meets Bhanu (Khenisha Chandran) and falls in love with her. Bhanu reciprocates his feelings, and they enjoy a happy relationship. Prudhvi lands a significant role in a big-budget film and throws a party to celebrate. However, his joy is short-lived as he receives a call informing him of his father's death and his sister's kidnapping. The film follows Prudhvi's journey to uncover the truth behind these events and resolve his problems.

Positive Aspects

Character Design and Performances

  • Prudhvi's Character: The protagonist's character is well-crafted, bringing energy and enthusiasm to the film.
  • Performances: Pradeep Nandan delivers a spirited performance, while Khenisha Chandran shines in romantic scenes. Avinash provides comic relief as Mr. Thief, and the supporting cast performs admirably.

Music and Execution

  • Background Score: Ajay Arasada's music enhances the film's emotional and dramatic moments.
  • Execution: The second half of the film and the final twenty minutes are particularly engaging, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

Negative Aspects

Predictability and Pacing

  • Clichéd Revenge Plot: The film's revenge storyline is overused and lacks originality.
  • Pacing Issues: The movie's two-and-a-half-hour runtime feels unnecessarily long, testing the audience's patience.
  • Predictable Plot: The storyline is straightforward and lacks surprising twists.

Character Development and Songs

  • Character Justification: Several characters lack proper development and justification for their actions.
  • Songs: The placement of songs in the first half disrupts the film's flow and feels forced.

Technical Aspects

Direction and Cinematography

  • Direction: Pradeep Nandan's direction is subpar, with an outdated concept and confusing narrative.
  • Cinematography: The night scenes are well-shot, adding a visual appeal to the film.

Dialogues and Production Values

  • Dialogues: The dialogues are simple and effective.
  • Production Values: The production values are commendable, contributing to the film's overall quality.


Overall, Jagannatakam is a film with a promising premise but falters in execution. The engaging second half and the final twenty minutes are its saving grace. However, the predictable plot, unnecessary songs, and forced comedy detract from the overall experience. This film might appeal to those looking for something different, but it may not be the best choice for everyone.

Interesting Stats

  • Box Office Performance: Jagannatakam had a modest box office performance, reflecting its mixed reviews.
  • Audience Reception: According to a survey by IMDb, the film received an average rating of 5.5/10 from viewers.
  • Music Popularity: Despite the film's shortcomings, Ajay Arasada's soundtrack gained popularity, with several songs topping local music charts.

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