Prabhanjanam Telugu Movie Review and Rating

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Release date : April 18,Guest Posting 2014
Author Rating : 1.5/5
Director : Bhaskarrao Vedrathi
Producer :Bhaskarrao Vedrathi
Music Director :RP Patnaik
Starring : Ajmal, Panchi Bora

Story: -

The story is based on the lives of three friends, Chaitanya (Ajmal) Sandhya (Aarushi) and Pranita (Panchi Bora). All three are close friends and are preparing for their future jobs.
Among them, Chaitanya is the only one that has no clarity about life, and does not expect this field to choose. One day, one of their classmates failed in IIM entrance, and suicide.
This incident turns their lives upside down, and all the friends become more sincere in life. While all this is happening, Chaitanya decided to enter politics in the name of his dads party, and becomes the leader of the youth.Once he joins his party, his life changes completely, as he is disturbed by the way the policy is being implemented in the state. He decides to take matters in hand and plans to raise public awareness about the right to vote, and how to choose a suitable government.Rest of the story is how he manages to fight through it and come out victorious.

Plus Points: -

major plus point of this film is its lead actors. Senior actors like Kota, Nasser Chalapathi Rao and Naga Babu has done extremely well in the film.Ajmal suits his character well, and the director used his physiche and body language precisely in this film. Arushi impresses in the role of hero friend.supporting character like Chandu and Panchi Bora did their part. story line of the film is quite good.

Minus Points: -

As mentioned above, other than the line of star cast and the lead story, the film still has huge drawbacks. Even after selecting a decent story line, the director has failed to perform completely.This story had potential heavy dialogues, and many scenes that could have been higher. But the director has failed to capitalize on that and just concentrate on the business aspects of the film.The character of Nasser lack of clarity and of his speeches in the film not deep. Ajmal the character in the second half gets a bit too low and does not have a powerful dialogues or scenes.The whole film was dragged to the core. The great scenes of the film show how political parties campaign and promote their parties these days.Ajmal how the party works, and won the election and all the scenes of voter education are presented without any clarity.Logic disappears in the second half and the script has a lot of loop holes.

Technical aspects:-

the camera work in the film is a big plus. The film has a good idea, and was shot beautifully. background score of R P Patnaik is yet another great addition to the film. Although the scenes in the second half are lack luster, the music of R P raises them to a decent standard.
Dialogues are out of the box, and have absolutely no connection with the history and the editing is bad enough. As said before, the story line is quite decent, but the way it was run by the director is poor.


In Prabhanjanam set is a misfit even in hot and happening times of elections. A good story line, was wasted by poor execution and unnecessary commercial elements. Even if you are interesting in political thrillers, you can skip this movie this weekend.

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In Prabhanjanam set is a misfit even in hot and happening times of elections. A good story line, was wasted by poor execution and unnecessary commercial elements.  Prabhanjanam Telugu Movie Review and Rating by

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