Strip Clubs: Performing as an Amateur

Jun 29


Andrea Avery

Andrea Avery

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Occasionally, the strip clubs in your area may hold an amateur night, opening the floor to those who do not work as a dancer for a living. Here's how you can prepare to participate.

Occasionally,Strip Clubs: Performing as an Amateur Articles the strip clubs in your area may hold an amateur night, opening the floor to those who do not work as a dancer for a living. While rules regarding these nights will differ from place to place, there are typically no restrictions when it comes to talent. Visit on one of these nights and you'll often see talent range from highly proficient to dreadfully incompetent. Which, of course, removes much of the need for fear. As long as you have some sense of rhythm and a decent body, you're not going to get laughed off the stage. There will often be cash prizes offered to the winners (as determined, usually, by audience reaction). Here's how you can prepare to participate. Get Mentally Prepared There are probably few more important things you can do than get yourself mentally prepared for dancing at one of the strip clubs in your area. It's only natural to be hesitant about getting up in front of strangers and taking your clothes off. Even for the most exhibitionist-minded, the bright lights and staring faces can be extraordinarily intimidating. Fail to prepare yourself mentally, and it could be too much to overcome. When you practice your dancing, visualize this scenario and come up with tricks that can help you forget how out-of-the-box the scenario is. Get an Outfit Too many women—and this happens even to professional dancers—forget that strip clubs are about more than simply getting naked in front of strangers. Part of the entertainment factor is seduction, which isn't done by getting up on stage in mom jeans and a sweater. Put some time and effort into coming up with something sexy to wear. At the same time, practical considerations have to be remembered as well. You can come up with a smoking hot outfit, but if it takes five minutes to undo the buttons in the back, things are going to get awkward. Confidence is Key Your body, sense of rhythm, and even how good looking you are all take a backseat to your confidence level. If you are ridiculously shy and awkward on stage, you're not likely to meet a receptive audience. Unfortunately, the mere thought of being sexy on stage is enough to turn the life of the party into a shy wallflower. Overcome this natural sensation. If you can go out there for five or ten minutes with an attitude that says "I own this room", you will do well regardless of any other failings you might bring to the stage.

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