What is the Kindle? Why Do I Want One?

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The Kindle is an Amazon.com product that is hitting the market with fantastic results! Basically, it's an electronic reader. If you love to read – the Kindle 2 is for you!

The Kindle 2 allows you to download a book from Amazon and read it just like you would a paperback book. The features and benefits of the Kindle are just short of fantastic. I have shelves and shelves of paperback books that could ALL fit into a Kindle. You can have all your favorite books right at your fingertips! The Kindle 2 will hold up to 1500 average size books! 1500!!

A paperback book costs anywhere from $9.99 or so on up to $40 or $50 dollars – Most books for the Kindle cost $9.99 – even best sellers! There is NO cost to download you're books either. It works on a wireless network just like your cell phone,Guest Posting but there are NO contracts and NO monthly fees. It's perfect!

You can also get most major newspapers delivered to your Kindle so that it's waiting for you every morning – along with your coffee of course.

There are six different type sizes on the Kindle 2 – which means that many of just might be able to get rid of the darn reading glasses when using the Kindle! THAT'S worth a whole lot to me – I hate these reading glasses!

The Kindle 2 will read to you! If you're driving or otherwise “hand occupied” you can easily have the Kindle read to you. I'm thinking …. cookbooks! How cool would it be to have your Kindle read a recipe to you while you prepare the ingredients – no back and forth to the book! And YES – they are cookbooks available for the Kindle. In fact there are over 230,000 titles currently available with more being added everyday.

The Kindle weighs 10 ounces, which is less than most paperback books – and certainly lighter than a hard cover book. I don't know about you, but after and hour or so of reading my hands and fingers get tired. (I'm old, okay? LOL) With the light weight of the Kindle 2, I can read for hours with no discomfort at all! This is a great boon for those with arthritis in their hands, fingers and wrists.

The new Kindle 2 has added more battery life too. You can go days of reading before you have to recharge your Kindle. It comes with a wall charger or a USB cable so that you can hook it up to your computer for charging.

I not only like to read – I love to read and the Kindle 2 is going to revolutionize they way we all enjoy our reading!

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