3 Plastic Products that We Need to Stop Using

Feb 24


Jacob Lips

Jacob Lips

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How can we lessen plastic consumption?


Plastics are convenient. That is just a fact. But if it costs us the environment,3 Plastic Products that We Need to Stop Using Articles then it is high time that we stop using plastics. According to the United Nations, our oceans are dotted with chocolate wrappers, single-use plastics, and plastic straws. So while tourists visiting coastal areas to enjoy the pristine waters, fish, and corals, they also come across a lot of plastic. 

If we want a better world to live in, let’s start with three things that we are most likely to use often but we can do without. 


Plastic bags

A lot of companies have already adhered to the plastic ban in their establishments. While paper bags are considered better, it is not by much. Yes, paper is biodegradable. It will eventually go back to the earth. However, they are made of trees. Trees have to be cut down to produce these paper bags. In other words, we are also losing the natural element that captures carbon dioxide, which is destroying the planet. 

So back to the topic at hand, we should be more conscious about the use of plastics despite its convenience. We should have our recyclable bags in our bags. The recyclable bag, which is made of cloth, does not take up space at all. Most of them are foldable and very convenient to take around with you while you are shopping. Make it a habit to use your recyclable bag when buying anything—grocery items, clothes, accessories, and many more. This way, you are not just preventing the increase of plastic trash, you are also preventing more trees from being cut down.


Plastic drinking containers

Unlike recyclable bags, tumblers and water bottles are bulky. It is quite understandable why a lot of people are not entirely convinced with bringing them for their caffeine fix or water consumption. There is also that excuse that they are easy to lose when you carry them around wherever you are. But if inconvenience is the price to pay to save planet earth, shouldn’t we do it?

The United Nations Environment Programme reported that over 300 million tons of new plastic is created annually. The manufacturing process itself is already bad for the environment as it uses coal, gas, and oil, which contributes to the worsening climate change. So you see, the problem is not just the actual plastic trash, it is everything related to plastic. 



This is probably one of the hardest ones to give up. Imagine going to Starbucks and ordering a frappe. But because you care about the environment, you do away with the straw. Frappe is very difficult to drink without a straw. The same goes for smoothies and fruit shakes. The best thing to do is to bring your reusable straw. However, it is also quite inconvenient because once you are done with your drink, you have to wash the straw before you put it back in your bag.

Again, if inconvenience will save the world, we should take a chance at being inconvenienced. Besides, it only takes 66 days to make a habit. If you bring a reusable straw with you every day and use it every time you order a cold drink, then it becomes automatic and no longer taxing. 


Here are more ways to cut down your plastic use. 


There are other products that you need to be more conscious of like the T-shirt, which is the most widely used clothing in the world. If you want to do more for the environment, find a brand that takes climate change seriously. Wear T-shirts from companies that care about the environment. 


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