Energy Efficient Pool Pump

Apr 16


Adam Carter

Adam Carter

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If you are a swimming pool owner that is concerned with wasting energy and paying a high price on your electric bill every month because of your pool pump, you surely will be interested in getting more information why installing an energy efficient pool pump.  An energy efficient pool pump can help reduce your energy costs.  Probably at the top of your list is one that won’t cost you a fortune to have it installed.  There are several energy efficient pumps on the market that can fit your budget and at the same time possibly pay for itself over time.

The energy an old fashioned pool pump uses can cost you a lot each month.  Having an energy efficient pool pump installed may cost you a chunk of money in the beginning,Energy Efficient Pool Pump Articles but in the long run, these pool pumps can save you a bundle.  Did you know that a regular pool pump can use almost as much energy as your air conditioner?  A lot of pool owners try to run their pumps shorter than the normal time needed to keep the pool fresh and clean.  The problem with this is that they end up having to shock their pools with high priced chemicals.  This sort of defeats your efforts in reducing your monthly swimming pool maintenance costs.  Just reducing your pump run time won’t save you money.  You might as well just let the pump run the normal amount of time.  In contrast, you would not be saving energy if you let the pump run longer either.

If saving energy is what you are after, then you should know that the new energy efficient pool pumps actually can use between 60-75% less energy than the older pumps.  However, the actual energy saving amount might depend on the length of the swimming season.  This statistic is according to a study done by the Center of Energy Conservation at Florida Atlantic University that analyzed the energy use of 120 pools during the study and involved studying the energy demands needed when using energy efficient pool pumps.


Most pool pump experts can tell you that the larger the pump, the higher the energy costs.  The new energy efficient pool pumps are small compared to the older pool pumps.  In fact, most pool pump experts now demand that an energy efficient pool pump be installed in all new pools.


A new energy efficient pool pump will run quieter and be more energy efficient so that the operating costs of your pool will be less.  To be truly efficient, the pool pump should be small, powerful and built strong to handle high pressure operating speeds.  The idea is to get more water moving faster thereby causing the pump to works more efficiently.  The outcome of installing an energy efficient pool pump in your pool is the need for fewer chemicals and less energy usage, so that you have less operating costs.  Keeping your pool crystal clear and clean is what every pool owner strives for.  This is more easily done when you have an energy efficient pool pump.


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