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Dirty oil emitted by ships etc, factory garbage thrown into river waters and other forms of rubbish taints river and sea water and those residing in metro cities look upon nearby rivers etc waters as the ‘best’ place to throw away dirt in tons. This dirt taints river water so badly that the water can no longer be used even for washing clothes.

Today the hot topic of discussion revolves around burning of fuel,Guest Posting smoke emitted by industries and factories and environmental pollution occurring due to various causes. By itself pollution emerging due to common reasons is taken care of by nature that de pollutes it yet in this cycle of purging an obstruction emerges that is humanly created. For this many causes are enumerated wherein 3 predominate. The 1st cause is that today in trains, cars and factories inflammable fuel is burnt like petrol, mobil oil, diesel oil and kerosene. Due to burning of this chemical based fuel many types of gases emerge which on mixing with the atmosphere renders the latter polluted.

The 2nd cause is that we use chemical admixtures. No doubt usage of medicines, chemical pesticides, chemical fertilizers etc may give immediate benefits yet after using them it renders poisonous everything that it comes in contact with. This poison then pollutes the atmosphere manifold.

The 3rd big cause which is of utmost importance is population explosion. Carbon dioxide emitted by humans on exhaling and by nuclear reactors also and also upheavals created in the atmosphere due to nuclear testing renders the air greatly polluted. Along with these causes there are other causes too that pollute air. This problem has become so worrisome that for scientists a complex question shall remain to be answered that after a few years from where clean unpolluted air can be got for easy breathing.

It is not as though lack of pure clean air to inhale is the only harm faced. There are such types of harm due to air pollution that are slowly emerging now for all of us to witness. An example of a small dire reaction can be seen wherein today complaints of headaches are becoming quite common. If we put together all medicines sold for curing other health ailments the medicines sold for curing headaches exceeds the former by a huge margin. Scientific researchers while finding the causes of headache complaints conclude that it is but due to air pollution increasing day after day. Ordinarily we can understand that where each evening urban indwellers have to gulp pills to get relief from headaches there rural folks do not complain much of getting headaches because in cities throughout the day trucks, buses, cars etc emit toxic gases that taint oxygen in air. Thus each citizen does not get enough clean oxygen to inhale and instead poisonous air inhaled renders very stressed out the lungs, brain and other bodily parts. As per one scientist pollution badly effects the blood circulation system of every urban resident and in it the tiring muscle system manifests its pain as headaches.

It is not as though pollution takes place on land. Rivers, lakes, ponds and ocean waters too are becoming dirty and polluted day by day. Dirty oil emitted by ships etc, factory garbage thrown away into river waters and other forms of rubbish taints river and sea water terribly and those residing in metro cities look upon nearby rivers or sea waters as the ‘best’ place to throw away dirt in tons and tons. This dirt taints river water so badly that the water can no longer be used even for washing clothes. After flowing to a certain distance this dirt on mixing with water reaches nearby villages on shores and the villagers then perforce have to make use of these dirty waters.

The condition of sea water too is as shown above. Large industries set up in metro cities in India like Mumbai, Chennai etc on sea shores throw away their garbage in tons into the sea and other dirt of the city too follows suit. Thus man an indweller of the modern era fails to get clean air, water, food etc. Food too is made from polluted air and water and hence it is but our imagination that the food we eat is pure and not polluted in any way. Thus it is clear that the dire effect of this pollution is seen on our bodily and mental health.

Pollution tarnishes water and air in an abnormal manner. Weather scientists opine that these days serious abnormal changes noted in seasons and weather in it the major cause is pollution surrounding our environment. The lay public also experiences the weather to be unsteady and uncertain. One can never predict when it shall rain. In a certain definite manner we just cannot say when heat shall manifest or that when cold days shall commence. Sometimes in summer season rainfall takes place and sometimes monsoons appear like a hot dry summer. ‘Nature is definitely changing its cycle’-instead of saying this it is apt to say that uncalled for human tampering is forcing nature to change its normal smooth cycle of optimal functioning. 

Akin to uncertain rainfall soil’s fertility and in the sprouting consciousness of seeds serious damage is being noted. Sometimes locusts cause untold harm to crops. There were some common diseases that were combated easily via some methods. Yet today such newer diseases are emerging that although cannot be easily get noted visibly but as far as crop production is concerned it diminishes its measure a great deal. According to agricultural experts air pollution is affecting crop production in such a serious manner that till 2000 AD the problem of nourishing world’s entire population shall become very humungous. No doubt some success is reaped when chemical fertilizers and other techniques are used for increasing crop production yet in future they take a very terrible form. By inciting soil’s fertility capacity so as to bring it out shall create such dire reactions wherein this very soil fertility shall start diminishing in a big way.

When the environment of cities gets polluted to harbor hope that rural regions shall remain unpolluted is mere figment of our wild imagination. The environmental influence can be seen just about everywhere. For nuclear testing lonely and unpopulated places are chosen. Distortions emerging as a result of these tests there spread in other regions too very easily and today’s increasing industrialization trend is attracting rural population towards it. Rural folks at a hectic pace are leaving their villages so as to rush to cities and thus the very existence of villages is at peril. According to Mr. Strong the swiftness with which rural population is heading towards urban areas is becoming now a worldwide complex problem.

In order to render the wealth of water well secure and unpolluted it has been said that only when required should rubbish get thrown into it and whatever rubbish is thrown in ways to destroy it too must be unveiled. In this direction the 1st step that needs to be taken is that a strict control be placed on catching fish. It is worth remembering that fish life clean up water areas in which they reside. This is because microbes and rubbish is their food. There are such fish known to eat microbes not visible to the human eyes. Thus by increasing their numbers water pollution to a great extent can be obstructed from gaining momentum.

It has been suggested not to emit dirty waters of mills and factories into lakes and rivers. Suppose there is no option but to throw it into rivers etc then modern science by destroying its taints should render the waters minimally dirty. Time and again by testing waters of rivers and lakes one can alertly disallow its waters to reach levels that can inflict harm.

Trees-plants can be grown in hordes in order that they absorb tainted air present in the environment. Science students are well aware that trees-plants sustain on carbon dioxide air inhaled by them and just as humans exhale carbon dioxide in the atmosphere similarly trees-plants exhale oxygen. In ancient eras hermitages and religious institutions for meditation etc were built in forest areas because there oxygen levels are quite high and that focus of mind very conducive for deep meditation is easily attained there. Even today patients are advised medically to reside in natural unpolluted surroundings.

People say that increasing tree growth and protecting water creatures like microbes etc is not the only way to ward off environmental pollution. For this other solutions too must be searched for and that arrangements should be made for rendering our surroundings clean and pure. Till the time we reach the state of finding a solution to ward off pollution in our surroundings possible solutions must definitely be put in action.

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