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Due to man’s desires augmenting akin to ogress Sursa’s wide open mouth smoke emitted by factories-industries, toxic gases emitted by vehicles and venom from nuclear bomb radiations are rendering water, land, sky etc very poisonous. River water is no longer fit for drinking.

Recently on ‘Jupiter Effect’ regarding a discussion on a 9 planetary unison,Guest Posting a lot of contradictory opinions were put forth. Due to the 9 planets aligning themselves in one single line alongside the sun this book was written to depict how many fearful situations the world over can manifest. A lot of controversy ensued with reference to this book written by 3 scientists. Finally out of despair they estranged themselves from this topic. One scientist Dr Gribin firmly stood his ground regarding the opinion given by him. He said: These effects instead of being noted immediately shall be seen in far off future times to come. The weather/seasons of the entire world shall change. Somewhere earthquakes shall appear somewhere famines and somewhere a chain of epidemics shall spew their ire. Due to destructive flooding at some places water based annihilation or Jal Pralaya is possible. The condition of glaciers too shall get affected and it could be that a major portion of planet earth shall get covered with snow. The March episode of the sport of 9 planet unison ended and all commenced saying that akin to 8 planet union (Ashtagrahi Yoga) in order to instill fear only in the human race that these sort of things are spoken of. On the other hand keeping in mind certain changes, expert critics say that via the ‘Jupiter Effect’ no doubt world annihilation did not take place but yet the environment has definitely changed very swiftly. This opinion of Dr Gribin has proved to be true. Later too calculations of interstellar satellites say that the time frame of worldwide fearful situations shall continue.

Lest we take a look into the past and take a bird’s eye view of news pertaining to the environment, some astounding exceptional episodes can be noted. This year in the month of May where in a country like India, terrific heat should have manifested there in 3/4th of the country sudden weather changes were noted. In majority of the places the heat was not intense at all. Where the cold season extended its time span abnormally and in the lower regions of Himachal and Himalaya snowfall continued till March-April, there in entire North India sometimes rain, sometimes ice pebbles falling, sometimes storms and sometimes with speedy winds cyclones appeared. Since the past 200 years in April, never were so much rain noted and neither snowfall of this high measure seen in April 1982.

The way in which wrathful nature akin to a mad elephant is rushing towards us, its premonition was felt in May-June 1982 itself when weather experts well beforehand had put forth the future possibility of monsoons, excess flooding etc extending abnormally to the month of November manifesting. On the basis of photos taken via interstellar satellites and statistical data spanning past 70 years the Director General of the Weather Department Dr PK Das had said that future times to come could be all the more fearful with dire consequences. He said that: By looking upon incidences like monsoons failing to manifest in India in 1979, in the 1980 summer season Europe and USA witnessing snowfall and due to ice pebbles noted in 1981-82 the crop harvest of entire world getting destroyed cannot be ignored merely by calling them unfortunate ‘accidents’. The sequence of earth moving on its axis and its state of getting influenced by other planets and interstellar space radiations is now undergoing changes. The measure of widespread dust particles in the environment, carbon dioxide sticking to the ozone layer and due to number of volcanic eruptions the balance of the environment gets affected very badly. The earth’s radiation balance as a result has gone haywire and in the layers of Ozonosphere and Ionosphere since gaps have emerged the possibility of deadly radiations from outer space entering earth rises alarmingly. While giving one statistical figure he says that it has been found from a survey done in North India that in an area per square mile 5 ton deadly pollution emitting principles have been reported.

In the past in the sky’s western direction each night till 9 pm bloody red hue is seen. Before dawn too similarly the sky appears to be strangely bloody red in color. Its analysis has been done by various people in their own way. Astrologers in a historical ancient episodes cycle conference while giving details had said that previously too in the Ramayan era at the time Lanka was burnt such bloody red hue was noted in the sky. This type of era junction incident foretells widespread destructive situations appearing in future. While giving a scientific analysis of this episode renowned astrophysicists say that in those days for 2 months in various regions of planet earth at 4 places since volcanoes had erupted, a gigantic cloud of acid reached the atmosphere. In these volcanoes of Mexico,  Indonesia, Iran and Canada that were latent and ‘sleeping’ for many centuries exploded akin to a gigantic bomb blast which resulted in a gigantic cloud formation 26 km above earth’s surface containing volcanic ash and sulfuric acid. As a result in a major portion of Japan, Asia, Europe and Hawaii Islands it was difficult for sunlight to enter there. In what manner can 10,000,000 ton volcanic ash and acid affect earth’s atmosphere? Regarding this question scientists say that these can aid in changing the weather/season manifestation of the entire world and induce manifestation of terrible flooding and deadly epidemics. This exactly happened in the year 1815 when due to the Tambora volcanic eruption in Indonesia 12000 people died, in USA’s New England area heat was felt in winter and cold was felt in summer and London’s Thames River got covered with a thick sheet of ice.

While conjoining the sky’s red hue to volcanic eruptions scientist says that when solar rays pass by acidic clouds that are miles wide and 2 km thick present in the sky seeing this reddish hue was quite natural and this is nature’s very natural common event. Due to it a certain places acid rainfall can occur that had been noted previously too many a time. James Pollock who is the chief of NASA’s Amis Research Foundation says that such a cloud formation had occurred on 4th April 1982 in Sinkonal Volcano eruption (in Mexico) and for days together it roamed about in the boundary of planet earth. It was said to be responsible for abnormal changes in weather reported in India, South East Asia and North America.

After discussions on ice pebble rain weighing 250 gm each, a cold May month, reddish hue in the sky and terrible excess rainfall it is required that we veer our vision to some more scientific research studies. Recently a chain of 100 sunspots surrounding 1/100th portion of the sun’s surface has been seen by scientists via their long distance visible technical apparatus. In last March-February Arizona’s Keetpik Observatory saw a snake like form of a sunspot on the sun’s surface whose diameter was 6 times more than planet earth’s diameter. Interstellar space physicists opine that whenever such snaky sunspots are seen its number and area is much more. At such times the possibility of hot high flames manifesting from the sun’s surface increases which affects earth’s atmosphere in a widespread manner. Further seasons/weather changes and for a long time this imbalance persists.

Scientists can keep placing forth their opinions but episodes do not manifest as per any clarification. These in fact are changes that occur due to a definite form of nature’s methodology and management. Lest all these are tested for its factual reality it is understood that everything occurs based on astrology science and astronomy/space scientific laws. This is an undisputable fact that those invisible radiations coming from the sun can definitely be imbibed by a very sensitive living being. In the personality development of a new born baby this influence cannot be falsified or negated. Influences like seasons, weather, storms, ebb-flow of tides, radiations etc come within the fold of space sciences. How does the cyclic movement of planets influence the environment? The most modern form of this is satellites that warn beforehand regarding a storm taking place in any portion of the globe. This definitely is not blind faith but is a high stature science. On its basis functions the Science of Astrophysics. Then what is the reason that Astrology Science and Space Science fail to work in tandem with each other? One gives opinion on the subtle world and the other throws light on the environment, weather etc. Thus it is also a fact that subtle influences and environment imbalances are closely related to each other.

While giving the causes behind those untold changes John Gribin writes that in the next 3 years our earth shall be affected very badly by planet Jupiter. It shall destroy the life protecting influence of other planets. Even today Jupiter influences earth but it fails to render ocean water tidal ebb-flow uncontrolled. Yet in the next 3 years the oxygen content of earth’s Ionosphere shall decrease so much that other planets shall fail to render ineffective Jupiter’s heinous rays. As a result of this the ocean shall boil heated, excess rainfall shall occur and that sea storms shall be its result. Due to this imbalance terrible heat shall emerge within earth that shall spew earthquakes and volcanoes. Destruction commences due to pollution. If we so desire, that total annihilation does not occur, why should we create those world situations that render our environment imbalanced? Although the arrow is about to be released know for sure that it has yet not been released. Lest its direction is changed it is possible to get saved from becoming victims of nature’s ire only to the extent that future dire situations shall definitely manifest.

Due to good-bad environment good-bad situations emerge and that the creation of the environment lies totally in the hands of mankind. If it so pleases man he can by rendering the atmosphere clean, healthy and beautiful enjoy bliss of heavenly situations or else by rendering it poisonous get choked to death. A healthy example of fearful situations appearing due to nature’s imbalance has been published in 20th March 1979 Navbharat Times newspaper. People have lot of religious faith towards the Narmada River in Madhya Pradesh-India. People harbor faith that whenever this river shall commence drying up at that time Pralaya or world destruction shall take place. Never mind if so called intellectuals call it blind faith yet behind this belief it is the premonition based farsighted vision that is at work. Riva’s engineers and experts too are concerned that Narmada River emerges from Vindhyachal’s pond in the Amarkantak Mountains. In the last 10 years the height of water level of this pond has receded downwards by more than 10 meters. Under such conditions in the next 15 years Narmada can dry up totally. It is only the environmental imbalance ensuing due to mining of bauxite ore via digging of the ground and trees being chopped off mindlessly that are the cause of water levels diminishing in height. Lest such imbalance in a very miniscule area of gigantic earth can create such trouble then today since the entire world via its tainted behavior is rendering nature’s balance very awry then why not label the possibility of total destruction a mandatory divine law of Almighty God?

The director of USSR’s Water Weather Science Center-Prof Mikhail Petrotyats too has written while accepting this fact that since the past few years earth’s temperature is increasing ceaselessly. Due to increase-decrease in dust particles present in the atmosphere temperatures undergo upheavals. At that time hot air from hot regions head towards the Arctic Zone and icy winds of the Arctic Region get replaced by them. Due to this abnormal nature based change it is possible that extraordinary disasters may manifest.

Due to man’s desires augmenting akin to ogress Sursa’s wide open mouth smoke emitted by factories-industries, toxic gases emitted by vehicles and poison from nuclear bomb radiations are rendering water, land, sky etc very poisonous. River water is no longer fit for drinking. Due to blind activity of procreating more and more children population increasing in metro cities, noise decibel levels increasing in the environment and statistics pointing to increasing criminal activities are symbols of the fact that the demon of atheism in the human brain is firmly reigning unchallenged. Lest leanings towards unethical thinking and actions, intellectual vile thinking and a distorted environment if together create a fearful hazard then neither can we blame Mother Nature or Almighty God.

The present day activities of Yug Nirman Yojana (All World Gayatri Parivar-founded by the author of this book-Late Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya) touch this very sensitive spot of humanism. Three contemporary programs viz. widespread broadcasting of purification of environmental pollution via Yajna camps, via collective spiritual practice programs uprooting alien undesirable elements that have forcefully entered nature and for an imperishable flow of divine light based inspirations for a bright world future, establishing many Gayatri Shakti Pithas are such that if entire world public energy is utilized in it we can get protected in  a major way from present day dire hazardous world situations.

Dr John Gribin has discussed about planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto aligning themselves in a single file in the year 1982 and because earth moving in the opposite direction of the sun it resulted in upheavals and imbalance in nature. The solution for this has been elucidated in Indian Astrology Granthi Yamal Tantra. It says that in order to uproot the vile influence of these singly aligned planets merely Mantra Science is enough.

While pinpointing that sound is Divine Energy of Almighty God Tantra scholar-seers while exhibiting this very precept say that lest the focused sound flow of Mantra, Tanmatras (subtle elements) etc is ‘thrown’ into interstellar space in a well sequenced rhythmic manner not only imbalance spread out in the environment can be diminished in high measure but that various hardships and hazards faced the world over too can be nullified a lot.

Keeping the above fact in mind along with congregational spiritual programs research of high stature Yajnas too has been executed. In ancient times management centers for such Vajpeya Yajnas and Aranyaks were set up at many places. These days this precept is being brought into vogue again.

The scholarly editor of New Delhi based publication ‘Navbharat Times’ –Shri Akshay Kumar Jain has detailed a very heart touching episode of his life in the magazine ‘Prakashit Man’ (Volume-May 1979). While writing that his meeting with the renowned Indian Tantra Scholar-Kaviraj Shri Gopinath as being a wonderful experience, he continues by saying that the subtle vision of Shri Kaviraj had visualized that in India powerful authorities are ruling and their activities are stupendous . Due to their efforts after the year 1971 Satyuga or Golden Era like situations shall start manifesting yet side by side destructive situations too shall be noted. In future India’s glory shall augment in a very extraordinary fashion. Progress/development seen in India shall be unparallel in world history and the influence of India’s religious culture shall spread in all nooks and corner of the globe.

The world famous scientist Albert Einstein has described in the mind boggling ‘Theory of Relativity’ put forth by him, a description of a timeless space less existence on attaining which time, space, all directions and the cosmos become naught/void. It means that existence no longer remains. At such times only Jnana/wisdom remains active in the form of an all pervasive cosmic conscious principle. Thus if in such a super conscious state high stature souls and Super Yogis can ‘see’ the future and warn us all about future dire hazards to be faced certainly it cannot be called an overstatement. The authors of epic Mahabharat, Sursagar etc who had made prophecies hundreds of years previously is seen coming true today. The 14th century mentioned in the Holy Quran E Sharif definitely is the present day hour of our 21st century. In the 8th aphorism of the 1st chapter called ‘Epistle’ of Holy Bible Lord Jesus Christ while describing this very sacred experience writes that: At the time of a rain of blazing fiery stones on earth was noted earth was buried under a mountain of hardships. This prophecy was made via the medium of the lips of Paithul’s son Joel considered to be a great saintly devotee of Christianity. We must remember that the sequence of pieces of debris of space vehicles like Skylab raining on earth has commenced in the past years. Even though in their minds people believe that this disaster has been overcome yet our discrimination/Viveka tells us that this disaster is but the beginning of many more disasters to follow in future on planet earth.

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