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Zest for augmenting material wealth and ignoring purification of the environment, has led to birth of world dire situations full of high pollution levels. As per statistics, in America each day motor cars emit 250,000 ton toxic smoke. From power stations in France each year 200,000 ton sulfur dioxide gets emitted into the atmosphere. Nothing is done to combat pollution.

Imbalance proves to be very heinous in all realms of life. Apt management of nature is very much correlated to rendering it well balanced. Environment specialists opine that every unit of nature viz. microbes,Guest Posting plants, air, water etc are mutually dependent on one another. If even one gets distorted others also follow suit. It is due to mutual balance that nature’s cycle runs optimally and thus the latter’s gifts can give benefits in an all round manner.

These days a lot of imbalance has set in the environment. As a result natural calamities are spewing fire on us all. Although it is called a divine curse yet it is but the creation of mankind. Every action leads to an equal and opposite reaction very much like Newton’s 3rd law of motion. Natural calamities are but reactions of man’s vile actions. In the name of manufacturing the measure of zest aimed at industrialization no doubt immediate benefits are noted galore yet when we focus our attention on far off future reactions it becomes clear that this chain of excess enthusiasm proves to be full of loss and harm only.

Trees play a big role in rendering the environment well balanced. Plant life is the very fount of life force for creatures on planet earth. On the one hand they give food to living beings and bestow life force on them. On the other hand they suck up/inhale the poisonous carbon dioxide gas present in air. Thus for all creatures plants are truly great benefactors. Chlorophyll found in plants is the very fount of life. Whether we are non vegetarians or vegetarians all of them ultimately attain food from green plants etc. These days for industrial growth and other tasks, green forest wealth is being chopped off very swiftly. Experts say that in order to render the environment well balanced every country’s 1/3rd region must abound with lush green foliage. As per available statistics India’s 25.7% land is covered by lush green forests which are lesser by 10% regarding the limits of environmental balance. The state of other countries is even worse. In order to stop the fearful situations that emerge due to decrease in natural forest wealth recently in New Delhi-India 700 leading scientists of the world took part in a conference organized here. In it experts present there designed a method for the entire world so as to protect natural wealth. Dr David Monroe the managing director of the international union responsible for protection of nature and nature based means said: For the welfare of thousands of generations to come in future protection of nature based wealth must be given prime importance.

On the one hand a lot of decrease has been reported in forest based wealth. At the other end industrialization is on the rise at a hectic pace. No doubt production is increasing due to this yet most required units that render the environment balanced viz. air and water are brimful with toxicity. Zest towards augmenting of material wealth and totally ignoring purification of the environment, has led to the appearance of world dire situations resulting due to high pollution level. As per one statistics in America each day motor cars emit 250,000 ton toxic smoke. From power stations in France each year 200,000 ton sulfur dioxide gets emitted into the atmosphere. In New York each year 1,500,000 ton sulfur dioxide renders air poisonous. Each day per person 14,000 liters of pure air is required. This is absent in the regions mentioned above.

As per statistics available in the entire world about 200,000,000 cars run on roads. In order to run for about 1000 km the amount of oxygen required by 1 car is enough for 1 human to breathe safely in 1 year. The fount of nature is limited. Since motor cars use up such a big chunk of oxygen present in the atmosphere the air we breathe in definitely shall have lesser oxygen. A big portion of oxygen present in nature for usage by creatures and plants is going waste just like that. In fact these vehicles add more toxicity also in the process. And no efforts are being made for de polluting it. Each year millions of tons of poison in the form of gas are mixing with air. The same holds true for water too. Rubbish emerging from industries, factories etc thrown into rivers, streams etc are not allowing their waters to remain healthy enough for our use.

The 3rd imbalance is with reference to world population. Till today the world’s population was near 4,500,000,000. In the year 1965 the world’s population was 3,500,000,000. After every 14 years an increase of 1,000,000,000 is reported. Thus in 50 years this number shall double. Nature’s means are limited in measure and the number of consumers is increasing day by day. For excess production practices devoid of farsightedness are being applied. In order to attain food right from synthetic chemical fertilizers to increasing other material means immediate benefits can be attained via heavy industrialization but yet ultimately it badly affects nature’s balance. On the one hand forest wealth is being cut up madly and at the other end due to toxins emerging from various industries clean pure air and water are not available.

This trend of tampering is not just limited to nature’s gross aspect only but that tampering is being done in its subtle layers too. Radiations emitted due to various testing are proving hazardous for mankind. The 2nd hazard is due to newer applications and research. The very fount of life is DNA found in the center of our bodily cells. Due to interference with this DNA the form and nature of creatures, plants etc are controlled. Differences in them as far as qualities etc are concerned are due to this DNA. Via newer research in the realm of Life Sciences it has now become possible to unite the DNA of 2 tiny creatures so as to get ready a 3rd type of creature. It is but natural that people are very enthusiastic regarding these latest applications. Yet a doubt lurks that via such DNA experiments, such a creature should not emerge that could spread terrible diseases. One cannot totally deny such a possibility. These days via Genetic Engineering techniques people are talking of creating a new generation of supermen etc. Such experiments are definitely against nature’s management. This shall harm a living being’s nature very much.

The united effect of all this has been noted on the environment. Nature’s ecological balance has gone haywire thus its reaction has been that nature’s wrath in the form of various calamities are being witnessed everywhere. According to Prof Bhatt due to environmental imbalance the incidences of flooding and earthquakes have augmented a lot. As per data available due to landslides in the past decade 400,000 people have died. In the year 1976 in China’s Tagsen area a landslide killed 242,000 people. In a landslide in Peru (in 1970-31st May) 70,000 people entered the jaws of death. In Turkey in the year 1970 about 11,000 people died. On 12th August-1979 in floods in Morbi-Gujarat-India 25,000 people died merely in 75 minutes. This nature’s ire is but the curse of environmental imbalance.

In order to maintain apt balance man must totally stop interfering with nature’s laws and its managing system. In order to purify toxicity entering the atmosphere all possible efforts must be made. Forest wealth cutting up leading to deforestation must be banned totally. Else the anger of an agitated Mother Nature in future days shall spew much more dire situations. Well in advance by taking inspiration from mistakes of the past it is most desired that man makes optimal changes in his activities and very thinking.

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