Building Blocks: Great Gifts for Children

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Building blocks are great toys for little children.  They really must be called ‘building’ blocks because they are a part of the foundation of a child’s education.  These blocks have been used for many years to help educate children and they are still used up to today. 

In fact,Guest Posting you’ll be pleased to know that building blocks will not only aid in the development of toddlers, but with babies, as well.  Babies will attempt to grasp or hold blocks and this will definitely further develop their skills in grasping and picking up items.  These blocks can also help children with autism a lot.  It is believed that by playing with blocks, the brain performance of a child with autism is improved.  Blocks are also believed to encourage social interaction among children. Although adults may find blocks useless, these blocks are very useful for children, even children with mental problems like autism. 

You’ll also notice that different building blocks have different colours.  These colours are also essential in helping children learn.  The colours can further fuel a child’s imagination.  They can create their own games with these colours and will start asking what the different names for each colour are.  Aside from colours, there are usually letters printed on the blocks.  Like the colours, these letters are also used to further enhance the imagination of children.  Children who haven’t started reading yet will start to learn a little about the alphabet.  For children who have starting reading and learning the alphabet, blocks with letters are great ways for them to learn how to spell simple words like cat or dog.  You’ll also notice that there are even building blocks with numbers and mathematical equations on them.  These blocks are used to introduce children to simple arithmetic.  With these blocks, they will learn how to count and do very simple math problems like 1+1=2. 

The blocks are also made of different materials. Wood, foam, and plastic are the usual materials that are used in creating blocks.  The blocks that you should get should depend on how old your child is.  For babies, it is a good idea to buy foam or plastic blocks because they are soft and will not harm the baby.  However, plastic and foam are a lot less durable than wood.  If your child is toddler, you should buy wooden blocks older children are more careful and wooden blocks are way more durable.  In fact, these wooden building blocks can last for year, even decades, if cared for properly. 

Parents should start seeing how great building blocks for children are.  They are great tools for developing the early mental processes of a child.  It’s safe to say that blocks are not just toys, but educational tools, as well.

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