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Since towels are private items, babies should have their own towels.

Don’t share your towels with your baby. There are many germs on parents’ towels,Guest Posting and your babies are so vulnerable that they may get infected easily by using the same towel with you.

What kind of towel should we choose for our babies? There are two kinds of towel you could choose for your baby: cotton towel and bamboo fiber towel. Since baby’s towel is one of the baby care products, we should know about the difference between those two.

Most of the parents would choose the towel made of cotton for their babies. Its absorbency is the most important reason why they choose it. It could absorb babies’ sweat rapidly to prevent colds, if the item is made of pure cotton. Nowadays, many cotton towel has contained impurity that may do harm to your baby.

The bamboo fiber towel would be the second best choice. The advantage of bamboo fiber towel is its antibacterial activity. An antibacterial substance known as kun is found in the bamboo fiber, and it could reduce the bacteria that grow on the towel. Its antibacterial activity could help you get rid of the smell. Bamboo fiber towel are non-irritating to babies’ skin, and it could absorb and evaporate babies’ sweat rapidly.

Here are some details you should pay attention to.

Don’t choose the towel with many colors on it. As we all know, it may contain many chemicals, if the towel is colorful. Just choose the best bath towels for your babies.

Keeping your babies’ towel far away from the toilet must be kept in mind. The towel and your toothbrush may get some bacteria from the toilet, and it’s insanitary.

The sun’s ultraviolet rays can sterilize your babies’ towels, so you should get your babies’ towel sterilized under the sun regularly.

Changing your babies’ towel regularly could protect them from skin allergy.

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