TV Stands: Glass Or Wood - Which Is Better

Mar 14


Oleg Oyfe

Oleg Oyfe

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With so many beautiful TV stands to choose from it can be really hard to pick just one. Television stands have evolved from a basic table to a beautiful piece of furniture that will compliment...


With so many beautiful TV stands to choose from it can be really hard to pick just one. Television stands have evolved from a basic table to a beautiful piece of furniture that will compliment any home decor. They also come in a variety of materials such as glass and wood. The type of material you choose is a personal preference. But,TV Stands: Glass Or Wood - Which Is Better Articles you should be aware that there are advantages and disadvantages to both wood and glass.

Glass TV Stands

Glass TV stands generally come in two colors, either clear or tinted. They are usually constructed with a metal frame that makes them ideal for any modern room. A glass TV stand will never go out of style and it can be used with literally any color scheme. They are very sleek, easy to clean and often more affordable than wooden TV stands.

While there are numerous advantages to glass TV stands, there are also some disadvantages. Glass will show any fingerprints and smudges and probably isn't the best choice if you have children. Glass is also very susceptible to scratches that can't be repaired. And, even if you choose tinted glass, it's hard to hide the cables and wires. Although, many come with built in cable management systems.

Generally, the shelves on a glass TV stand are fixed. This means that you can't adjust them in height to fit your specific items. While there are some with doors, many of them have an open design. Your entertainment items won't be protected from dust and dirt. If you want to protect your electronics look for glass TV stands that have doors.

One of the most important factors in choosing a glass TV stand is the thickness of the glass. High quality glass stands will have thicker glass. You need to make sure that the glass can support the weight of all of your electronics. When in doubt, choose the thickest glass you can afford. Not only will it be stronger, it will also help prevent vibrations that can occur when you are using items such as your television and stereo.  

Wood TV Stands

Wood TV stands are an excellent choice if your home is furnished in a traditional style or you have a lot of other wood pieces. Wood stands are available in a wider variety of colors than glass TV stands. You can find painted stands and wood stain finishes that range from light to dark. With so many different choices in style and color, everyone can find one that will match their current home decor.

There are many simple wood TV stands that can add a contemporary look to your home. But, you can also find many that are just as elegant and beautiful as any other piece of furniture. Some have beautiful carvings and moldings and feature unique handles. High quality wood TV stands are generally much stronger than glass and can last for years. A wood entertainment center is really easy to clean only needing an occasional dusting.   

If you need extra storage space, wooden TV stands are the perfect storage solution. Look for enclosed stands that feature doors on at least some of the shelves where you can store DVD's, books, magazines and other items. Cable management isn't as big an issue with wood stands as it is with glass. Some wood entertainment centers have an enclosed back that keeps your wires and cables hidden out of sight.