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The phrase wedding cake conjures up an image of a three-layered white cake with plastic figurines of the bride and groom perched on top. But that is now passé. Wedding cakes are going through a fashion makeover and new styles and designs are in vogue. With the help of a talented cake designer,Guest Posting there is no limit to how unique wedding cakes can be.

These days, flowers intertwined with a delicate icing are very popular. If you have a favorite flower, it can be used as the main focus of the cake\'s design. You may want the flowers of your bridesmaids duplicated on the cake or the flowers in your bridal bouquet. Any talented cake designer should be able to create a beautiful cake with this design in mind. Just make sure you bring along samples of your flowers when you meet with the baker.

The color scheme of your wedding can also be incorporated into a wedding cake. You can even request that a designer try to emulate the design and style of your wedding gown into your cake. Depending on the season, your cake designer can whip up fabulous wedding cakes with snowflakes and icicles for winter, chrysanthemums, and autumn colored leaves for fall, daisies and raindrops for spring and tulips and roses for summer. Thinking in terms of fun and creativity will help achieve unique and wonderful results.

Whatever type of cake you desire, discuss your thoughts with several cake designers to ensure that what you want is what you get. If you\'re not sure, let the designer give you ideas. Guaranteed they will have many wonderful suggestions.

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