The wonders of eggless cakes

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Cakes are among the most loved food items in the world. People have consumed cakes throughout history at all sorts of ceremonial occasions. They were used at festivals and religious ceremonies. Cakes usually contain eggs as one of the main ingredients but nowadays eggless versions are also available for vegans and vegetarians.

Among the most loved food items in the world,Guest Posting cakes have the deepest ties with mankind. They are the favorite food item of people all over the world. Cakes also have a long history in celebrations and human traditions. Traditionally they were used in religious rites and ceremonies. People have consumed cakes throughout history at all sorts of ceremonial occasions. The cakes were purposely made in specific shapes, according to the nature of celebration. The cyclical nature of life was represented by round or circle shaped cakes.

The Chinese baked Moon cake which was traditionally eaten during the Lunar Mid-Autumn Festival. The cakes were offered to guests and family members while celebrating the festival. The Beltane cake is another important part of Irish Traditions. Beltane is a festival of great spiritual significance for the Celts. During the festival, people used to put out sweets for the fairies in order to appease them. Among those sweets were honey cakes and the traditional Beltane cake.

Cakes were also shaped and decorated to look like Easter lambs or eggs. During Christmas, fruitcakes are served in many countries. Christmas cakes come in various forms and flavors. They may be light or dark, crumbly-moist to sticky-wet, and leavened or unleavened. Different type of festivals and celebrations required different types of cakes. The Birthdays of rulers and the foundation days of cities and kingdoms were also associated with cakes.

In the olden days when refined sugar, spices, nuts, and dried fruit were expensive, it was considered a privilege to be honored with a cake. Nowadays the cost of cakes has become much lower and they are a popular food item of all the masses. They are also popularly served at special occasions such as weddings, holidays and even at funerals because cakes represent our best culinary offerings with which we can honor our most loved ones.

Cakes usually contain eggs as one of the main ingredients. And many vegetarians and vegans often miss out on cakes because they are made with eggs. In a vegetarian diet all meat, poultry, fish and animal by-products such as eggs are excluded. India too has a majority vegetarian population and eggless cakes have definitely become a necessity for all cake lovers. So bakers have perfected new art of baking eggless cakes which taste and look the same as the originals. These eggless cakes have become a huge hit and they are available at bakeries and restaurants all over the country. Nowadays eggless cakes online delivery services are also available on the internet.

Making eggless cakes has always been a big concern as people generally have the perception that the cakes would not be as fluffy as a cake made with eggs. The other misconception is that the eggless cake won’t be soft enough but eggless cakes are as tasty as the original and they also provide a healthier alternative. Eggless cakes can now be found in almost all type and flavors of popular cakes including Eggless Black Forest cakes, Eggless Chocolate cakes and Eggless Sponge cakes.

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