Low Calorie Cakes: The Best Cake Gifts in Modern Times

May 27




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Indulge into a whole new experience of sweet sensation. Here is something for those who have sweet tooth – cakes. Take a look and then go for your favourite cakes.

Even after decades of its first cut,Low Calorie Cakes: The Best Cake Gifts in Modern Times Articles Cake has never gone out of fashion; for all happy occasions, cakes are must because it silently speaks how hospitable you are when you are hosting any event. So what it is that makes cakes super star? Well, there are many tasty pieces that elevate this spongy & sweet cake from the floor.

They say variety is the spice of life and this goes pretty well with cakes. Apart from its tastes & flavours, cake freaks are asking for more. Some innovations in cake are purely creative while others are born out of necessity. Here is a count of cake that is popular in India; read on and ask your cake maker to do something more creative before you buy cake online!

Creative Cakes

It is fairly easy to indulge in your fancy and visualize that you pine for a birthday cake with a funny face; but to create this effect, bakeries have to slog some extra hours to put a broad smile on your face. Otherwise, in all possibilities, your funny face might turn into a fiery one! So before you place orders for birthday cakes, talk to the bakers whether or not this out-of-the-box thing is feasible. Choose a bakery that has previously served and delivered such orders from quirky customers like you. If bakers have photographs of their creations, ask for high resolution photos and check those pictures closely. If you are going by any theme, hit the internet and surf sites that cater such orders and entertain order cake online. Some of the popular themes & shapes are: Sea Mermaid, Sculpture, Marine, Animation, Books, Human Organs and Animals.

Custom Cakes

Though there is little difference between custom cakes and creative cakes, I have intentionally separated the two for the only reason: passion that goes into placing orders and baking cakes. If creative cakes are breakout hits, custom cakes are sleepers as customers tend to follow suit; so once a particular customer placed an order for a monkey-and-cat cake, other customers will show their herd instinct. One of the striking features of custom cakes is photographs: people like to have their photos printed on cakes. This sets custom cakes apart from creative cakes. Moreover, customers also go for different designs of their choice; cricket ground, tennis court, boxing ring or billiard table are some of the popular designs in custom cakes. With customization, customers can also send beautiful cake gifts to their friends & relatives.

Low Calorie Cakes

Low calorie cakes are the best cake gifts in modern times as in the last couple of decades, India has witnessed rise in the number of patients suffering from diabetes, cardiac troubles, blood pressure and other such hazards. For calorie-conscious customers, bakers specially choose ingredients that have less fat, sugar and calorie. Fruits are king in low calorie cakes; nuts & dried fruits are other essentials for low calorie cakes. So if you are living abroad and want to send cakes to India, low calorie cakes have to be on the top of your gift list.

Vegetarian Cakes

This one is made for Gujaratis. There is no second thought that people in Gujarat prefer vegetarian food items; while cakes invariably take in eggs, Gujarati cake aficionados snub the idea of cakes made with eggs. But there is always a solution; now bakers have come up with eggless cakes to woo confirmed vegetarians.

To round off, I would recommend a cocktail of creative & low calorie wedding or birthday cakes that would win appreciation of your guests and your family as well. And to send cakes to India, always prefer reliable e-commerce portals that ensure delivery without fail. For vegetarians, eggless cakes are a boon, but for others, they can always relish flavours like blackforest, chocolate, strawberry, pineapple, truffle and more. If you wish to buy cake online and going to order cake online, be careful while placing your order because one wrong click can spoil your party.