Top 10 Wedding Cake Trends - The Cupcake Princess

Jul 7


Nancy Whitman

Nancy Whitman

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Wedding cakes do not have to be white all the time, making them look dull and cliché.


Wedding cakes do not have to be white all the time,Top 10 Wedding Cake Trends - The Cupcake Princess Articles making them look dull and cliché. 

Couples, bakers, and event planners are now exploring various cake options for weddings; of course, nobody wants a dull cake on their special day. 


Wedding cakes are no longer what they used to be, from their designs, styles, and appearance. There are numerous beautiful wedding cakes available today, and they can be tailored to your satisfaction. In the list below are ten wedding cake trends to create:


  1. Lace Cakes:

If you’ve seen lace cakes, I’m sure you must have thought, asked, or thought about why lace is on cakes. Lace designs on cakes look fantastic, and the cake world was stunned by this trend! It changes from a plain and regular cake to a stunning cake. 


  1. Painted Cakes:

Painted cakes are hard to make, especially hand-painted, but they serve as magnificent wallpapers cascaded into cakes when finally baked. You can choose a straightforward style to paint on a wedding cake or even a simple but astounding type. 


  1. Flora Cakes

Nothing can be compared to flowers because they’re adorable. Roses, lilacs, sunflowers, and more all create magnificent cake designs. The flowers are sometimes original, but they are mostly made from cream, fondant, and sugar. Floral cakes would make your wedding an interesting one!


  1. Metal cakes: 

Metallic cakes bring out glamor and elegance. The shimmering finish; the elegant look of the cake is like no other in silver, gold, or bronze finish. Metallic finishing can be done with or through the use of edible paint. You can even choose an additional style to serve as decorations to your wedding cake. 


  1. Cakes Geometric:

If you are a person that doesn’t like the traditional cake style, then geometric cakes are for you. The wedding cake is filled with geometric shapes like rectangles and squares. You can take ideas from the interior of your home, invitation cards, and even some fashion attachments.


  1. 6. Cakes in Ombré:

Giving your wedding cake an ombré appearance is an enjoyable and artistic way to surprise your guests and make it the talk of the town. All you have to do now is choose your favorite colors and experiment with many exciting tints; ombré cakes begin with actual white color and advance to lighter and darker shades of the selected color. 


  1. Novelty Cakes:

Many couples have begun choosing various sweets as their wedding cake in recent years. The central concept of a novelty cake is to replace traditional cakes with treats such as a Macaron Tower, Cupcake Stack, or even a Croquembouche. Novelty cakes can be designed like other cakes too.


  1. Ruffled Cakes: 

Ruffled cakes are simple to make and have a lovely, elegant appearance. The ruffles are constructed of sugar cream, and the cake has a light, and airy feel it. 


  1. Gold Leaf Cakes: 

If you want to go with an alluring theme for your wedding, a gold leaf cake is the way to go. Nothing says regale gold, after all. 


  1. Theme Cakes: 

Another way to make your wedding the talk of the town is to decorate your cake in a specific theme, such as floral theme, art theme, and so on.



Wedding cakes Sydney - without cake, what is a wedding? While wedding trends change year to year, one thing that isn't going away is the wedding cake; stunning wedding cakes make guests compliment your ceremony. If you choose one of these ten wedding cake trends, you can be sure that your wedding will be the talk of the town for quite some time.