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The calling for the thrift consciousness is in an emergency for the college students. To study hard but not to pay their attention on how to dress themselves more beautiful and compare with other students. Love children and pet children are two very different things, parents should control their love in a reasonable range.

Nowadays,Guest Posting an unhealthy practices have been existed among the college students, they discard the gently used shoes and bags as rubbish and useless. Depend on these "useless", the scavengers can make a high salary for 4,000 RMB for each month. When asking the scavengers, they are making signs, "these kids are so waste and forget the spirit of frugality. The college students' behavior really make the scavengers heartbreak. The waste garbage really shock the dormitory cleaners' heart. As the reporter make a visit to the university dormitories, the following atmosphere really make them shocking, they saw many "expensive" rubbish discarded in the bedroom hallway trash, brand-name T-shirts, bags, bed sheets, shoes, and even unopened food, cosmetics, etc. The "rubbish" looked so good, why students discard them. Aunt Lee pointed, "take to sell the books can also get some money, these children are too wasted".
The reporter got a reply from the girl he visited, "It's too troublesome to deal with these useless things, so I just throw them and without much ado". Then the reporter got their idea, that if they don't like them any more, or the things are out of fashion, then they just throw them away. The reporter then interviewed students from eight universities, namely Chongqing University, Chongqing Normal University, Chongqing Technology and Business University, Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, etc., from them the reason for throwing things is: the out of fashion and unlike things should be discarded the best, for leaving them will accounted for space. One girl from Sichuan International Studies University said, "I never buy a new things just because something is broken, as long as the things I like, I will not consider whether I had bought something like that". According to a newly report, most of the college students spend more than 2,000 RMB one month.
Among the 40 students that the reporter had interviewed, there are 15 boys and 25 girls. According to these 15 boys, the reporter made a rough estimate that boys spend more than 2000 yuan in each month. According to the statistics, the boys generally will charge 500 yuan in the school meal card, 200 yuan for telephone charges, 600 yuan for purchasing clothes, 700 yuan for dinner and entertainment. So we see that large part of the boys living cost is spend on dinner, clothes and entertainments. What's more, if there is a birthday party for their girl friends, 500 yuan will cost for the gift. For girls, large part of their money is spend on clothes and cosmetics, and they usually charge 400 yuan for meal card and 600 yuan used as pocket money to purchase cosmetics and skin care products. They will turn to their boy friends for help if their money are not enough.
Reporters in the interview, also found an interesting phenomenon, that is, almost every school dormitory are wandering around with a lot of "scavengers", some of them try to please the floor tube in order to pick the students garbage. Mr. Qiu Shenggui, the students call him "old man", who has been the scavenger in the Chongqing University for three years. Depend on the garbage he picked from the several universities surrounding Shapingba County, he made himself a salary of 4,00 yuan one month. He classified the garbage and cleaned the things which are useful for his family, and then sell the things to the Flea market, thus can make them a good income.
When asking the students' parents, they always helpless, they know that their kids are having such a bad custom to spend money, but they have no way. The only kid is regarded as the apple in their parents and grandparents, even they do such behaviors, they just try to be thrift of themselves.
Professor Zhang from Southwest University, said the thrift consciousness in the college students' heart have long been disappeared, they can not understand their parents hard. He suggested that parents can let the children take part in some social practices, through this way they can know the difficulty of earn money. And he also suggested the parents should give their children basic living expenses and do not let their children to compare with the others.

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