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Friends can help one person out of his difficulties and make his forward way quite plainly, so that people should remember the story of Zheng Ping to encourage our life to go forward. Zheng Ping's hobby and longing for running make herself a way out of her disease.

Xiamen University held a track and field running activity by fundraising 110,Guest Posting000 RMB for Zheng Ping, the Marathon Girl.
This running was a love Run, with its purpose to raise the money for the treatment of the infestation leukemia Xiamen Marathon Girl-Zheng Ping. Although only half an hour, it raised more than 40,000 yuan, and add up the contributions of other cities, there are more than 110,000 yuan in a total. The run for friendship and love was deeply moving and Xiamen Marathon is not only the city's calling card, but also a spirit and a kind of love.
nd runners held the mobilization of its fund-raising|In order to raise the treatment cost, Xiamen runners ran for the collection of het treatment money}. The activity was initiated by the Xiamen University sports department professor, Xiamen marathon public Training Battalion Huang Lisheng. Most of the participants were marathon lovers and Miao Jinbu with his 5 years daughter Miao Jiayi came to the scene of this activity, and he said that he had participated in Marathon competition for 5 times so he can personally feel the pain that Zheng Ping suffering from her disease since she got sick. Since the marathon friend Xie Liangzhao knew this news online, he not only organized donation in his local place, but he personally came to Xiamen to participate in the Run activities, he believed that the country are a big family, runners should share hope to help her.
In addition to the running friends, some companies also came to the scene. Many methods are adopted for raising funds for Zheng Ping, like Centrino Sports Management Company, the staffs produces 300 blue ribbons and 1500 blue circles as the rewards for Zheng Ping Love running. The runners can get a blue circle when finish one circle running and each of the blue circle can get a donation of 10 yuan donation from the company for Zheng Ping's treatment.
The Live Running was started from 4 p.m., and ended at half past 4 p.m.. Participants donated their love and money, and finally, Beijing Centrino Company made a contribution of 16,000 yuan, Adidas runners and cool running group donated 9,300 yuan. The donation result was followed: You Du Company made a charity donation of 3,400 yuan, Bone Taste Company made the donation of 3,250 yuan and the total money was about 43,000 yuan. 114,00 yuan was raised for Zheng Ping for her treatment cost, and the money was collected from many countries of our nation, among them, Dalian Marathon Runners donated about 23,000 yuan, Shenzhen running friends about 25,000 yuan, and Beijing running friends of 15,000 yuan, Yantai and Ningde made a donation of 4,000 yuan and the other 71,000 yuan was donated from other friends of our nation.
Huang Lisheng, the initiator, said people were very pleased to help Zheng Ping through this way and they hope this can make Zheng Ping encourage herself to recover from her disease and Huang Lisheng would togeher with other related members to put the donation into a special account earmarked to Zheng Ping's treatment.

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