Steel imports will rise

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steel import will  rise ,this is a good news to chinese steel supplier.

1 ~ 2 months of this year,Guest Posting China's steel imports fell. At the same time, present a surge in the recent domestic steel market prices plunged. The personage inside course of study says, because of the influence of domestic consumer demand growth, China's steel imports in March is expected to present a month-on-month rise trend.


Steel imports fell


According to the latest statistics show that China's general administration of customs in February 2016, China imported 930000 tons of steel, the import amount is 5.89831 billion yuan. 1 ~ 2 in 2016, our country imported steel 1.86 million tons, 8.4% less than the same period last year; 1 ~ 2 in 2016, our country imported steel amount, amounting to 12.19365 billion yuan less than the same period last year 19.4%. "Steel imports continue to show declines in February, the domestic steel demand is the main reason. Since march, the domestic market in the peak season of consumption, consumption demand increase, therefore our country steel imports in March is expected to present a sequential rise trend." Analysts said liu xinwei zhuo and information.


Steel prices tumbling


The reporter understands, on a roller coaster scrap steel market recently, the tangshan market fine burden rose 130 yuan/ton to 130 yuan/ton, up 11.4%; Shock wave in shandong liaocheng the cumulative rose 260 yuan/ton to 1400 yuan/ton, up 22.8%; Jiaxing tao chong fujian material accumulated rose 190 yuan/ton to 1270 yuan/ton, up 17.6%. "Then prices plummet, sensitive market prices for many times. So far, tangshan region fine burden fell to 1120 yuan/ton, down 150 yuan/ton, or 11.8%; shock wave in shandong liaocheng fell to 1200 yuan/ton, or 14.3%, jiaxing tao chong fujian is expected to fall to 1180 yuan/ton, or 7.1%." Chunhong liu zhuo gen information analyst, at present, the price strip shipment after billet shipment smoothly. And in terms of scrap steel market, the price of part of the market has fallen to rise in price before, later movements may appear differentiation, high price the market will continue to fall, the possibility of a stable and low steel plant will be bigger. "Although a recent nationwide slump in steel prices are soaring, but only a regional independent of the" market ", that is shanxi area construction steel, the surrounding area of Shanxi Province on March 8 construction steel prices have reached 2450 ~ 2500 yuan/ton, and shanxi area construction steel prices in 2200 yuan/tons, on March 9, the surrounding area in shanxi construction steel prices fell sharply, plummeting 200 ~ 400 yuan, but the shanxi area construction steel prices not only didn't drop, but rose 50-100 yuan/ton." Zhuo Li Zhaoqian gen information analyst.


Li Zhaoqian think there are two aspects to form the cause of the market, on the one hand, in the March 7 ~ 8, price boom phase, the perimeter of the shanxi, hebei, henan building materials prices rose faster, two days has reached 400 ~ 500 yuan/ton, and shanxi rose by only 100 ~ 300 yuan/ton. After the price rises, the surrounding area shanxi building materials building materials price than the price is too high, after the slump and the surrounding areas, building materials prices and still building materials price is quite in shanxi area, then out the slump in shanxi has continued to rise, it's not surprising; On the other hand, due to market and steel etc, shanxi area outside resources is less, the local steel mills to firmly grasp the market, regulating the market price. Because of the influence of the market environment of shanxi market is slow, driving shanxi market gradually, the market is over, it also led to the shanxi building materials in the slump in steel prices surge to outshine others, and against the wind.


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