Is This Today's Best Penny Stock Screener Software?

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With so many different programs vying for attention, this is my review of what is likely the best of today's penny stock screener software.

Good penny stock screener software these days can handle your entire analytical process so that all you've got to do is invest accordingly based on its picks. This frees you up to focus on your family,Guest Posting career, whatever you need. The point is you need neither the time or experience to devote to analytics but can still make reliable gains in any market with this technology.

Penny Stock Prophet has been lauded by many critics and traders as being the best penny stock screener software on the market today for a number of reasons. First, it only deals in cheap stocks as the name would suggest. What this basically means is that when looking for a high probability stock opportunity, it limits its search to very low priced stocks which have a much greater profit potential overall given the obvious fact that it takes a great deal less outside trading influence to directly affect the price of one of these stocks.

Having tried a number of other stock programs over the years with varying levels of success, I've found that a major fault with many of these programs is that they try to juggle both cheaper stocks as well as greater priced stocks which is difficult to do given that it's an entirely different process anticipating cheap market behavior versus greater priced stocks.

And getting back to the cheap stock point, to give you an idea of the kind of profit potential which is possible with these cheaper investments, the first pick which I invested in from it was valued at $.15 initially. I placed an order to buy 1000 shares of that stock early on the next morning after receiving the pick which turned out to be a Monday before the market opened. It climbed all the way up to $.31 over the course of that first trading day after the market opened largely due to the force of the rest of the investing done by other users of the same penny stock screener software.

Ultimately, the next day that stock tripled in value at $.48 a share before finally topping off. This can be attributed to the force of outside investors who are didn't have the penny stock screener software but instead took notice of its sizable jump in price in one day. These piggybacked traders play a major role in your realizing a huge profit by getting out before anyone is the wiser.

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