The Forex Trader Does Not Need To Be Right But He Has To Be Objective

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A very hard lesson for most novice traders is that of finding out that they are often wrong when it comes to predicting market movements and that, despite months of study and the use of all the latest predictive tools, they are not always right. The secret to successful trading does not lie in getting it right, but is to be found in trading objectively.

One of the hardest lessons for any novice Forex trader to learn is that in the foreign exchange market anything can happen at any time. Because new traders spend a great deal of time learning about the mechanics of the market and focusing their attention on finding a method for predicting movements in the market,Guest Posting it is only natural that they also come to believe that there is a strict set of rules that govern the direction of the market at any given moment in time. Unfortunately, this is not the case and this fact catches many traders out.

Most Forex traders will use a variety of tools to judge when the moment is right to open a position and then later to close out that position, but the majority of traders will also tend to have one tool in particular which is their favorite and which they tend to rely on more than anything else. Having opened a position therefore they will tend to keep their eye on their favorite indicator and base their decisions largely on what this one indicator is telling them.

The problem comes when this indicator is telling them one thing but the other indicators start to tell them something else. They are in an open position and their favorite indicator is telling them to hold that position, but everything else is telling them to close out their position and to get out of the market. In most cases the trader will hold his ground and, more often than not, will find himself in a losing trade.

The problem here is that the trader is not viewing the market objectively but has created an expectation about the market in his own mind and is using his favorite indicator to reinforce this expectation, rather than standing back and viewing the wider picture from the information which he is receiving. In most cases he is also being urged on by the thought that he must be right, and by the profit available from this trade according to his favorite forecasting tool, and is looking at the money rather than at the market.

The foreign exchange market is by its very nature unpredictable and, if this were not the case, the market would soon collapse as we would all be making a profit on every trade we make. There are of course a raft of tools available to help us to predict the course of the market and thankfully most of the time they do a pretty good job, but sometimes even the best of tools in the hands of the most experienced traders are going to come up against an unexpected change in the direction of the market.

Getting it wrong is part and parcel of Forex trading and traders must learn to accept this as a fact of foreign currency trading. More than this however traders must learn to guard against getting themselves into a position of being proved right or wrong and this means accepting that the market has a will of its own and that the only way to trade successfully is to be totally objective about the market and to follow movements in the market rather than try to get the market go where you think it should go.

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